NFL quarterback Tim Tebow does another good deed (and makes a little girl very happy). Show Notes

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 Host(s): Dr. Bill Maier
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NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has made one little girl from Colorado very happy. A few weeks ago, he flew her to California to be his "date" for the second annual Cartoon Network “Hall of Game” Awards show.

Presli Collins just turned 10 a few weeks ago. When she was 6, she was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called neuro-fibro-matosis, or NF1.

The disorder causes her to body to develop growths under her skin and in her nervous system, which have forced her to undergo several surgeries, including brain and back surgery.

According to Christian, the Collins family was amazed when someone from Tim Tebow’s "Wish 15" program called to arrange for Presli and her father to join the quarterback at the awards show.

Presli and Tim had a fun-filled weekend, shooting Nerf guns, going out to dinner and attending the sports awards show together.

On the day of the awards, Tebow posted a photo of himself with Presli to his Twitter account, calling her "my beautiful date."

At the show, Presli also had her photo taken with NBA great Shaquille O'Neil, U.S. soccer star Hope Solo and LA Dodger Matt Kemp. Tim even gave her an autographed football at the end of the evening.

According to Presli Tim “is a thousand times nicer than you think he is,"

In a day when so many pro athletes are focused on themselves, isn’t it refreshing to see a guy like Tim Tebow who’s focused on Jesus? If you’d like to read this full story to your kids, go to Christian and enter “Tebow” in the search engine.

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