Is texting interfering with authentic communication? Show Notes

Thursday, September 06, 2012 Host(s): Dr. Bill Maier
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Why are Americans so enamored with texting? 

According to a story on, some experts believe our culture loves texting because it makes communication easier and, often, less awkward. Apologizing by text is particularly popular these days.

But are we losing something in the translation?

For example, a critical component of apology is hearing the inflection in the person’s voice and seeing the expression on their face.  

Some researchers worry that frequent texters are losing the ability to actually communicate with one another.

MIT psychologist Sherry Turkle says "I talk to kids and they describe their fear of conversation.” She points out that an 18-year-old student recently told her “Someday I want to learn to have a conversation—but certainly not now!”

By the way, a new poll suggests that young adults are more concerned about the day-to-day influence of technology than folks of other generations.

The poll found  that 70% of Millenials—adults under 30---believe people have less privacy these days.

More than a third of them said that social networking has made them less satisfied with their lives, and about two-thirds of believe we've become more shallow as a society.

While just 10% of Millenials said technology was making the world worse, 42% believe that it's still too early to say for sure.

I’m Bill Maier for WBCL.

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