BLT (On Friday)

Friday, July 05, 2013 Host(s): Lynne Ford and Bekah Shaffer
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It’s Friday, so that means today, BLT stands for “Bekah, Lynne, TODAY!” We had the chance to spend yesterday at home…and that makes us think about some of our favorite spots in our home…those little places we adore curling up so much…we might even be persuaded to honor the spot with its own name. Because, you know, we do love to name things. Do you love it as much as we do? Call and tell us your favorite place in your home – and the things you love to name. Your car? The stray cat that shows up now and then? What do you name? And why did you pick the names you did? Tell us…and don’t miss the first SUMMER SHOUT OUT of July!
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