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Monday, September 16, 2013 Host(s): Lynne Ford
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We have quite an array of books on our September Author Author show! Stephen Miller’s Understanding Jesus (Barbour, ISBN# 978-1-61626-914-2) and Stephen Leston’s The Bible in World History (Barbour, ISBN# 978-1-60260-645-6) both help you better relate to life in the day of Jesus and what was happening in the world at large away from the Holy Land. Christin Taylor shares what she learned about embracing a new sense of self and purpose after her scripted hopes and dreams crashed, and she found herself Shipwrecked in L.A. (Wesleyan Publishing House, ISBN# 978-0-89827-698-5). Ron Bates’ delightful character Howard Boward teaches kids How to Make Friends and Monsters (Zondervan, ISBN# 978-0-310-73607-3). Hot dog enthusiast Bruce Kraig shares his passion for this symbol of American Culture in Man Bites Dog (AltaMira Press, ISBN# 978-0759120730), and debut novelist Nicole Quigley introduces us to her book for teen girls, Like Moonlight at Low Tide (Zondervan, ISBN# 978-0-31-72359-2).
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