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Monday, October 17, 2011 Host(s): Lynne Ford
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October’s Author! Author! show kicks off with David Housholder talking about his novel The Blackberry Bush, (Summerside, ISBN# 978-1-60936-116-7), which blends historical events from the 20th century with the lives of two young people. Eileen Button’s collection of essays in The Waiting Place (Thomas Nelson, ISBN# 978-0-8499-4625-7) describes the beauty and humor found in times of delay. Margaret Wills encourages us to be open and aware of God’s intimate presence through her book Pressing into Thin Places (Brown Christian Press, ISBN# 978-1-934812-99-0), and Joe Amaral closes the gap created by the two thousand year distance between Jesus and our day in his book Understanding Jesus (FaithWords, ISBN# 978-0-446-58476-0). And we round out the day with Patsy Clairmont’s Stained Glass Hearts (Thomas Nelson, ISBN# 978-0-8499-4826-8), which explains the power of God to restore that which seems devastated.
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