Answers to Hard Questions

Wednesday, August 08, 2012 Host(s): Lynne Ford
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Do you see God as wrathful and angry, smiting people right and left for no apparent reason? Ever wonder what God really said about eternity and what we have, over time, made up about what He said? Have you ever lost your faith entirely? They’re the questions no one wants to ask…but three authors have tackled the hard topics and will join us to share what they learned, straight from the Word. David Lamb, author of God Behaving Badly (IVP, ISBN# 978-0-8308-3826-4), Preston Sprinkle, co-author of Erasing Hell (Cook, ISBN# 978-0-7814-0725-0), and Matt Rogers, author of Losing God (IVP, ISBN# 978-0-8308-3620-8) offer perspective on these and other hard questions.
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