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Wednesday, July 25, 2012 Host(s): Dr. Bill Maier
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A small church makes a BIG impact in their community.

Simply passing the collection plate during Sunday services wasn’t good enough for the leaders of a small church in Mississippi.

So two years ago, the pastor and leaders of Traceway Baptist Church in Clinton began to pray about how to better serve their community.

According to a story on ChristianPost.com, after two months of praying and fasting, they decided they needed to take all of their congregation's tithes and offerings and give it to those in need for an entire year.

Pastor John Richardson says "The more we prayed the more we felt like God was saying, 'If you want to show me to the community, then become generous--because I am generous,'"

Just 50 people regularly attend the six-year-old Traceway Baptist Church. Yet the church was able to give away $60,000 to people in the town that were hurting. In fact, Pastor Richardson has written a book on the story and subject of generosity. It’s called Giving Away the Collection Plate.

He says "Everything that was given to our church in the offering plates was given away to abused mothers or people that were trying to break free from addiction, or people that had lost jobs, were facing foreclosures, or had extreme medical bills.

So how did the church pay its own bills? Well another church came to the leaders at Traceway Baptist and offered them a building they owned that wasn’t being used. It was offered free of rent and utility fees.

Pastor Richardson says “generosity helps you imitate the ways of God and become more like Him. It's a huge piece of the discipleship process that I think most churches are missing out on right now."

To read the complete story, just go to christianpost.com and enter “Traceway Baptist” in the search engine.

I’m Bill Maier for WBCL.

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