A mom asks Dr. Bill "How can I help my daughter learn to make wise choices about the music she listens to?" Show Notes

Friday, October 26, 2012 Host(s): Dr. Bill Maier
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Dear Dr. Bill,

My preteen daughter wants to listen to rock and rap music on the radio. She feels like she doesn’t know what is going on and that she'll be ignorant about the music that the other kids listen to.

Do you know where I can learn more about today’s secular musicians today? How do I know what’s acceptable and what’s not? How can I help my daughter understand the dangers of listening to secular music without making her feel left out of what everyone else is listening to?


Dear Nancy,

Do I have a website for you! It’s Focus on the Family’s media website, pluggedin.com. There you’ll find reviews of many the latest CDs, complete with descriptions of the themes and the lyrics of the songs. It also features great articles about both Christian and secular artists. 

Parents of teens and pre-teens will find that PluggedIn.com is a lifesaver for their family. It helps them teach their kids media discernment, and to understand why certain songs, TV shows, movies, and video games are simply not appropriate.

I’d suggest that you and your daughter use Plugged In to spend time reading through the lyrics of today’s popular songs. Then you can discuss together which groups and songs are positive and uplifting, and which ones promote a view of the world and relationships that is destructive.

The folks at PluggedIn will help you and your daughter be knowledgeable about current music, and they can also recommend great positive alternatives in just about every genre of music. 

By the way, it’s important for your daughter to understand that God calls Christians to be “set apart,” and sometimes that means we won’t be part of the “in crowd” as the world defines it. That’s why it’s critical for our kids to have a solid group of Christian friends who share their values.

Thanks for writing Nancy. If you have a question for me about family issues or Christian living, just click the “Questions” tab on the Culture Connection page.

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