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An Arizona church helps out a poor village in Mexico, and they do it in a very creative way.


The Vertical Church in Yuma, Arizona recently purchased a flock of sheep for a rural community in Sonora, Mexico.

Danny Wells, an associate pastor at The Vertical Church, says they felt called to help wipe out extreme poverty in some part of the word.


They then learned about the San Quintin Valley in Sonora, where people work in the fields for just $7 per day.

The church challenged its members to adopt a sheep for $60 each. They called the project “Sheep Change.”

The church raised more than $4,000, which translated into 20 sheep, plus pens, shelter and feed for the herd

The sheep were given to a church in San Quintin Valley, and the pastor of that church now oversees the new flock.

The Vertical Church’s senior pastor Jason Taylor believes the church exists to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Jason says “By looking beyond ourselves, we are able to take the blessings God has given us and bless others around us. Sheep Change has been one way that we as a church are fulfilling the mission of Jesus for our lives and this world.”


So how about your church—could God be calling your congregation to think outside the box and help those in need? A great place for ideas is the website “live58.org”


I’m Bill Maier for WBCL.

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