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Wednesday, December 13, 2006Today's Christian Woman Host(s): Char Binkley, Lynne Ford

On December's issue of Today's Christian Woman Live on Mid-Morning, former "bad girl" Liz Curtis Higgs invites anyone struggling with doubt and fear to "Embrace Grace". Funny Girl Kerri Pomarolli explains why stand-up comedy is God's choice for her and not her own. And just in time for Christmas, Jeanne Winters shares traditions that can make your celebration meaningful and merry.
Thursday, February 16, 2006Digging Deeper Host(s): Maria Gardner

Early church leaders like Peter and Paul continually told followers of Jesus to fix their thoughts on heaven. Why? How does deliberately thinking about heaven change the life of a Christian? In numerous and powerful ways, writes Mark Buchanan in "Things Unseen" (Multnomah, ISBN # 1-57673-889-2). The Digging Deeper panel mines Buchanan's encouraging insights on today's Mid-Morning.
Tags: faith, heaven, doubt, suffering, hope Categories: n/a
Tuesday, January 31, 2006Fueled by Faith Host(s): Lynne Ford

Jennifer Kennedy Dean says that many Christians have had disappointing experiences with faith because they've mistaken "belief" for "faith." One relies on the outcome you want and one relies on God. Jennifer explains the powerful difference, one that fuels our prayers and releases power in our lives in "Fueled by Faith" (New Hope, ISBN # ISBN # 1-56309-993-4).
Monday, September 12, 2005Steve Brown Host(s): Char Binkley

It's not often we use the word irascible to describe a Mid-Morning guest, but it fits Steve Brown to a T-as do honest, grace-filled and Spirit-led. The Bible teacher and author roots out the untruths that keep believers at arms-length from God and points to indisputable evidence of God's love: the Cross
Tags: faith, doubt, God Categories: n/a
Wednesday, August 31, 2005Tough Questions About God Host(s): Char Binkley

In "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist" (Crossway, ISBN # 1-58134-561-5), Frank Turek tackles the major roadblocks to faith: Does God exist? Is there one true religion? How can God be silent, even inactive, while people suffer? Learn how to give an articulate, persuasive answer for the hope that is in you on today's encore Mid-Morning.
Tags: faith, doubt, God, apologetics Categories: n/a
Thursday, June 09, 2005Digging Deeper Host(s): Lynne Ford

It was words like "judgment," "faith," and "salvation" that caused Kathleen Norris to leave the Church. And it was those same words that brought her back to church and a relationship with Jesus. The Digging Deeper panel invites you to join them on Kathleen's journey from disillusioned doubter to beholden believer when they discuss her book "Amazing Grace" (Riverhead Books, ISBN # 1-57322-721-8).
Tags: faith, doubt, salvation Categories: Mid-Mornings
Monday, April 18, 2005Three Guys and a Book Host(s): Steve Gardner, Steve Gardner

On today's encore TGAAB, Steve Gardner, Dave DeSelm and Darrell Turner turn to Lee Strobel's "A Case for Faith" (Zondervan, ISBN # 0-3102-3469-7) for answers to the questions that keep people from faith in God. From suffering and evil to the existence of hell, Strobel and some of Christianity's leading minds brilliantly and clearly build A Case for Faith.
Tags: faith, doubt, suffering, hell, God Categories: n/a
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