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Monday, May 31, 2010Boundaries Host(s): Lynne Ford
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It's the gold standard of relationship books: "Boundaries" (Zondervan, ISBN # 0-310-24745-4). First released in 1992, with over two million copies sold, Dr. Henry Cloud returns during Monday's encore "Mid-Morning" to revisit the revolutionary ideas that can free you to take control of your life by learning when to say yes and how to say no. Originally aired September 9, 2009.
Wednesday, April 29, 2009Pest Control Host(s): Char Binkley, Lynne Ford

Spring has sprung and so have those little critters that have been hibernating over the winter months. Are you wondering how to rid your living space of these unwanted guests? We've got good news for you! Rob Jackson from Jackson Pest Management gives you tips and resources to halt the invasion of everything from bees to beetles during Wednesday's Mid-Morning. And Ricky Kemery diagnoses the mystery damage to your lawn by uncovering the symptoms, exposing the culprits, and offering control techniques for those furry creatures invading your yard. Get ready to call and have your critter questions answered!
Monday, November 27, 2006Dr. Ann Kulze Host(s): Lynne Ford

Can you eat all day and still lose weight or maintain your ideal weight? Definitely-if it's controlled grazing. Dr. Ann Kulze explains the principles of controlled grazing-Step 10 of her 10-Step Diet-and how it keeps your metabolism humming and hunger at bay on today's Mid-Morning.
Monday, September 05, 2005Getting Control Under Control Host(s): Lynne Ford

Everyone is controlling to some degree. What drives our desire to run our little corners of the world? When is control detrimental? On today's encore Mid-Morning, Dr. Brad Kahle provides the answers that can release you from the compulsion to control.
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