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Tuesday, August 23, 2005Positive Workaholism Host(s): Char Binkley

Dr. Dennis Hensley is a self-confessed, unapologetic workaholic - and he thinks others should be too. The head of Taylor University's cutting-edge professional writing major explains why and how workaholism can be a positive force in a person's life. (Dr. Hensley's book is Positive Workaholism, published by Market Builder Library. The ISBN # is 0-912169-00-1.)
Tags: work, integrity, job Categories: n/a
Monday, August 22, 2005The Single Life Host(s): Char Binkley

Christianity Today's Camerin Courtney and a panel of singles including Becky Baker, Tab Beechler, Rich DeHabey and Cheryl Green discuss a myriad of issues unique to singles. From dating how-tos to finding your place in the church, the group offers honest answers and helpful advice.
Tags: singles, dating Categories: n/a
Friday, August 19, 2005Mom, Dad.... I'm pregnant. Host(s): Lynne Ford

They're the words a parent never wants to hear from an unmarried child: "Mom, dad . . . I'm pregnant." On today's encore Mid-Morning, Jayne Schooler chronicles her own family's experience-from the initial heartbreak and shock to a new level of love-and offers insight, advice and hope to others facing the same crisis. (Jayne's book is Mom, Dad . . . I'm Pregnant, published by NavPress. The ISBN # is 1-57683-482-4.)
Thursday, August 18, 2005Where Have All The Men Gone? Host(s): Char Binkley

The typical American church draws an adult crowd that's 61% female. Other major religions don't have a similar gender gap? Why does Christianity? On Thursday's encore Mid-Morning, David Murrow, author of "Why Men Hate Going to Church" (Nelson, ISBN # 0-7852-6038-2), offers answers devoid of blame and suggests a path men can follow back to church
Tags: men, church, prodigals, trends, post-modern Categories: n/a
Wednesday, August 17, 2005Low-Carb Cooking with Dawn Hall Host(s): Char Binkley

Cookbook queen Dawn Hall turns her talents to low-carb recipes; all of them quick, easy and delicious, and all of them from her "Busy People's Low-Carb Cookbook" (Nelson, ISBN # 1-4016-0215-0).
Tags: recipes, low-carb, healthy food Categories: n/a
Tuesday, August 16, 2005Soul Care Host(s): Char Binkley

The role of spiritual friendships in soul care is so important and influential, Mindy Caliguire returns to the topic on August's Soul Care Mid-Morning. Be sure to visit wbcl.org to catch previous shows of this special Mid-Morning series.
Tags: friendship, spiritual growth Categories: n/a
Monday, August 15, 2005Three Guys and a Book Host(s): Steve Gardner

On today's encore TGAAB, Steve Gardner, Dr. Mitchell Kruse and Steve Longbrake probe the topic of spiritual warfare. Using Dr. Neil Anderson and Dr. Tim Warner's "The Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Warfare" (Servant, ISBN # 1-5695-5206-1) as a foundation for the discussion, the guys offer a balanced and biblical look at a topic that is often ignored to taken to an extreme.
Tags: bondage, demons, sin, faith Categories: n/a
Friday, August 12, 2005Mean Girls All Grown Up Host(s): Lynne Ford

The mean girl you thought you left behind in high school has now followed you to college, the neighborhood, even the workplace. The truth is that even adult women find all kinds of ways to be mean. So what's a girl to do? Hayley DiMarco, author of "Mean Girls All Grown Up" (Revell, ISBN # 0-8007-3100-X), teaches how to look at what's behind nasty actions and act in a way that is God-honoring - and just might put an end to the meanness.
Tags: conflict, meanness, gossip Categories: Mid-Mornings
Thursday, August 11, 2005Digging Deeper Host(s): Char Binkley

The Digging Deeper panel discusses Dr. Emerson Eggerichs' insights on the key roles love and respect play in marriage. Discover why Eggerich's "Love and Respect" (Integrity, ISBN # 1-59145-187-6) is inspiring "light bulb moments" that generate positive, satisfying changes for husbands and wives
Tags: marriage, love, respect, forgiveness, roles Categories: n/a
Wednesday, August 10, 2005Gloria Gaither Host(s): Char Binkley

Gloria Gaither has chosen an updating of the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi for August's "Readings and Conversation," Bret Lott's "A Song I Knew by Heart" (Random House, ISBN # 0-375-50377-3). Rediscover the gentle, yet powerful lessons woven throughout this tale of forgiveness, redemption and hope.
Tags: Bible, Ruth, Naomi, forgiveness Categories: n/a
Tuesday, August 09, 2005Author! Author! Host(s): Lynne Ford

Local fiction author Colleen Coble discusses her latest release, "Distant Echoes" (WestBow Press, ISBN # 00-752-6042-0), and recounts her journey to being a nationally-published author. Karen Ehman offers plenty of ideas for making "Homespun Memories for the Heart" (Revell, ISBN # 0-8007-5983-4). And recent Christy award winner W. Dale Cramer discusses his new book, "Levi's Will" (Bethany House, ISBN # 0-7642-2995-8)
Tags: novels, fiction, memories Categories: Mid-Mornings
Monday, August 08, 2005Spots and Spotlights Host(s): Lynne Ford, Maria Gardner

Meet Camerin Courtney, speaker at the upcoming Singles Summit, on today's "Spots and Spotlights." Artist Judy Buswell shares why, in her early 40s, she switched careers. And Bill and Brenda Glasner explain why eating on the run can be fun and profitable.
Tags: singles, art, cards, food, lunch Categories: n/a
Friday, August 05, 2005Open for Business Host(s): Lynne Ford

Today's program is for everyone who's ever dreamed of owning their own business. In-the-trenches entrepreneurs Jeff and Rich Sloan share tips from their primer on building a successful business - "StartupNation" (Doubleday, ISBN # 0-385-51248-1) - and answer your questions, everything from discovering a need and filling it to obtaining start-up capital.
Tags: business, work, money Categories: Mid-Mornings
Thursday, August 04, 2005Peacemaking Women Host(s): Char Binkley

Tara Klena Barthel and Judy Dabler point women to a broader definition of peace: shalom, the Hebrew word for peace, meaning life is good and sound. The two share ways to handle conflict, with others and within, from their book, "Peacemaking Women" (Baker, ISBN # 0-8010-6495-3).
Tags: peace, conflict, women, hurt, resolution Categories: n/a
Wednesday, August 03, 2005Listeners' Faith Stories Host(s): Lynne Ford

The greatest evidence of the reality and power of Jesus' death and resurrection is a changed life. On Wednesday's Mid-Morning call in and share your coming to faith story. You'll encourage others and bless the Father Who loves you with your words of gratitude and praise.
Tuesday, August 02, 2005Encouraging the Sick Host(s): Lynne Ford

Do your palms sweat when you walk into a hospital to visit a critically ill friend? Do you want to visit your uncle in the nursing home but are unsure of what to say? Katie Maxwell and Rev. Sherri Long can help. Drawing on their years of visitation experience, they'll teach you what to do and say that will encourage, bless and comfort anyone who's sick.
Tags: visitation, sick, hospital, dying Categories: Mid-Mornings
Monday, August 01, 2005Healing the Hurts in Your Marriage Host(s): Maria Gardner, Steve Gardner

America's family coaches, Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg, offer strategic advice for "Healing the Hurts in Your Marriage" (Tyndale, ISBN # 1-5899-7104-3.
Tags: marrige, hurts, disagreements, conflict Categories: n/a
Friday, July 29, 2005Haiti Update Host(s): Char Binkley

Haiti is a country in chaos. Corruption and unrest have made it a dangerous and threatening place for its citizens and the missionaries serving them. Killick Aristide, Leon Amstutz, Rev. George Reser, and Sam Birkey share God's heart for the people of Haiti and what American Christians can do to help them.
Tags: Haiti Categories: n/a
Thursday, July 28, 2005Exercise for Life Host(s): Lynne Ford

No matter what your age, you can and need to exercise. Personal fitness trainer and wellness consultant Kerri Zurbuch discusses various options for every age and fitness level.
Tags: exercise, weights Categories: n/a
Wednesday, July 27, 2005Multnomah Book Give Away Host(s): Lynne Ford

It's the mother lode of books: 50 newly released novels, all from Multnomah. Meet their authors and call in for a chance to win a copy of "Shattered Justice," "When the Day of Evil Comes," "Rolling Thunder," "Billy Goat Hill," or "Dark Star."
Tags: fiction, novels Categories: Mid-Mornings
Tuesday, July 26, 2005New Life After Divorce Host(s): Lynne Ford

If divorce has drained you of hope, Bill Butterworth wants you to know this: healing, strength, purpose, and joy await you. The author of "New Life After Divorce" (WaterBrook, ISBN # 1-4000-7095-3) offers encouragement and practical advice for building a new and good life.
Monday, July 25, 2005MOPS Monday on Mid-Morning Host(s): Lynne Ford, Maria Gardner

How does having a second baby change the family dynamics, especially for the firstborn who will soon share mom and dad with a sibling? That's the question sparking this month's MOPS Monday on Mid-Morning conversation with Hannah Arnold, Janet Butterman, and Vicki Lansky, author of "Welcoming Your Second Baby" (Book Peddlers, ISBN # 978-1-931863-44-5).
Tags: siblings, parenting, babies Categories: n/a
Friday, July 22, 2005The Myth of the Submissive Woman Host(s): Lynne Ford

Submission doesn't mean submitting to everyone else's wants, needs and opinions while ignoring your own. What exactly, then, is biblical submission? Counselor Brenda Waggoner explains in "The Myth of the Submissive Woman" (Tyndale, ISBN # 0-8423-7114-1).
Tags: submission, marriage Categories: Mid-Mornings
Thursday, July 21, 2005Today's Christian Woman Host(s): Lynne Ford, Maria Gardner

Praying with a friend via e-mail wasn't something Connie Fink had considered. That is until she found herself isolated and in need. Connie tells her story on this edition of Today's Christian Woman Live on Mid-Morning. You'll also meet Shannon Ethridge who admits that when it comes to sexual integrity, she learned her lessons the hard way. Shannon explains how you can avoid her mistakes and find love in all the right places. And Rose Averill shares why shoes are her passion. The answer will surprise you!
Wednesday, July 20, 2005Making Sense of Divine Delays Host(s): Lynne Ford

In times of waiting, it's easy to miss the transforming work that God is doing. Important work that is preparing his children in specific ways to fulfill their destinies. Jerome Daley, author of "When God Waits" (WaterBrook, ISBN # 1-579856-895-1), explores how to join in God's work of preparation while actively waiting on him during divine delays.
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