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Friday, October 21, 2005Open Phone Lines Host(s): Char Binkley

There are lots of things that make Char Binkley smile: her grandkids, fresh-brewed iced tea and open phone lines on Mid-Morning. Join Char for an hour of conversation that will make you smile.
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Thursday, October 20, 2005Dr. Dan Allender Host(s): Lynne Ford

Get a sneak peek at Dr. Dan Allender's November 12 "Learning to Love Your Story" conference on today's Mid-Morning that also features his new marriage book, "The Intimate Mystery."
Tags: marriage Categories: n/a
Wednesday, October 19, 2005Anger Host(s): Lynne Ford

Aaaaargh! We all experience anger, everything from irritation to rage. Is there a godly way to express anger? Is there a difference between legitimate and illegitimate anger? Dr. Paul Sather keeps his cool, answering these questions and discussing this often misunderstood emotion.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005Soul Care Host(s): Lynne Ford

On Tuesday's Soul Care Mid-Morning, Mindy Caliguire explores the spiritual practice of solitude as a means of opening ourselves up to God. Why don't we get away with God? And what does solitude look like? Mindy shares the answers and issues a winsome invitation to embrace solitude.
Tags: solitude, faith, spiritual growth Categories: n/a
Monday, October 17, 2005Making Marriage Work Host(s): Lynne Ford

What makes marriage work? The Marriage Institute's Dr. Tim Gardner unpacks researcher Dr. John Gottman's seven principles and explains how their presence or absence indicate, with surprising accuracy, whether or not a marriage is headed for troubled waters.
Tags: marriage, conflict, love Categories: n/a
Friday, October 14, 2005Clay and Renee Crosse Host(s): Lynne Ford

Clay Crosse was a soaring success in Christian music, but beneath his success lurked a dark secret: He was addicted to pornography. No one knew he had a problem-not even Clay-until the day God took away his voice. What followed is a story of grace and forgiveness, one that Clay and his wife Renee share in their book "I Surrender All" (NavPress, ISBN # 1-57683-732-7).
Tags: marriage, addiction, pornography Categories: n/a
Thursday, October 13, 2005Successful Mission Trips Host(s): Lynne Ford

Thinking of going on a mission trip? Don't miss Martha Van Cise's practical advice and guidelines, including spiritual preparation, what to wear and how to pack, relating to missionaries and local people and much more. (VanCise's book is "Successful Mission Teams," published by New Hope. The ISBN # is 1-56309-836-9.)
Tags: missions, witnessing Categories: n/a
Wednesday, October 12, 2005Digging Deeper Host(s): Char Binkley

Craig Gross's "The Gutter" (RelevantBooks, ISBN # 0-9760357-0-7) is a gutsy and uncompromising call to go to "unChristians," sharing in their lives and living the gospel in front of them. The Digging Deeper panel discusses the book's high "squirm" factor and addresses the question the book poses: Where is your Gutter?
Tags: witnessing, surrender, discipleship, faith, service Categories: n/a
Tuesday, October 11, 2005The Mother-in-Law Dance Host(s): Char Binkley

The "in-law" dance is delicate and intricate. If you're not careful, someone's toes will get stepped on. A daughter-in-law for 29 years and a mother-in-law for four, Annie Chapman offers advice from both sides on today's encore "Mid-Morning" focusing on her book "The Mother-in-law Dance" (Harvest House, ISBN # 0-7369-1456-0). Even though today's show is an encore, we'll break into it with the Bead Bling sounder, so get ready to call!
Tags: marriage, in-laws, conflict Categories: n/a
Monday, October 10, 2005Rescue Your Love Life Host(s): Lynne Ford

The co-author of "Boundaries" is back to "Rescue Your Love Life" (Zondervan, ISBN # 1-59145-140-X). Dr. John Townsend exposes the primary causes of "marriage disconnect," and provides effective, successful solutions that result in deeper love, respect and connection.
Tags: love, marriage, dating, conflict Categories: n/a
Friday, October 07, 2005Spots and Spotlights Host(s): Lynne Ford, Maria Gardner

Discover why scrapbooking is so popular (and learn more about WBCL Night at Luv2Scrapbook) and win tickets to the Christian Women's Prayer Breakfast on today's Spots and Spotlights. Nutritionist Maria Krach also shares healthy lunchbox recipes that your kids won't trade for a Twinkie�.
Tags: lunches, nutrition, kids, Carol Kent, scrapbooks Categories: n/a
Thursday, October 06, 2005Dr. Ann's 10-Step Diet Host(s): Lynne Ford

If you're looking for the definitive weight loss/get healthy book, it's "Dr. Ann's 10-Step Diet" (Greenleaf Book Group, ISBN # 0-9748328-0-4). Dr. Ann Kulze explains why you should avoid white carbs, which carbs are the right carbs, how to control your portions and other helpful tips that can help you lose weight for good and feel good for life.
Tags: diet, nutrition, sugar, flour, carbs Categories: n/a
Wednesday, October 05, 2005Author! Author! Host(s): Lynne Ford

The title alone - "A Pregnant Woman Beat Me" - makes you want to read Daniel Pann's book, a collection of life-in-the-pulpit stories. He shares plenty of them on today's Author! Author! that also features Robin Jones Gunn, author of the delightful SisterChicks series, children's author Barbara Santucci ("Abby's Chairs," Eerdmans, ISBN # 0-8028-5205-X), and flower-lover Deborah Hedstrom-Page, author of "Meet Me in the Meadow" (Revell, ISBN # 0-8007-5946-x).
Tags: novels, children's books, flowers Categories: n/a
Tuesday, October 04, 2005Healing is a Choice Host(s): Lynne Ford

Wholeness-spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical-is a gift form God. But it's a result of our own decisions, too. Dr. Stephen Arterburn, author of "Healing is a Choice" (Nelson, ISBN # 0-7852-1226-4) outlines the biblical plan for opening our lives to God's divine touch, offering 10 choices we can make and 10 corresponding lies to reject as we find our way to restoration.
Tags: abuse, forgiveness, healing Categories: n/a
Monday, October 03, 2005Marriage Matters Host(s): Maria Gardner, Steve Gardner

Scores of books have been written that offer guidance for building the marriage of your dreams. But what if God's primary intent for your marriage isn't to make you happy . . . but holy? And what if your relationship isn't as much about you and your spouse as it is about you and God? Steve and Maria Gardner explore these what ifs? that can change the contours of your marriage with Gary Thomas, author of "Sacred Marriage" (Zondervan, ISBN # 0-310-24282-7).
Tags: marriage, spirtual growth, confrontation Categories: n/a
Friday, September 30, 2005Fall Book Review and Give Away Host(s): Lynne Ford

Find out what's new on Christian bookstore shelves on Mid-Morning's Fall Book Review. Even better, call in and recommend one of your favorite books and win any of the reviewed books.
Tags: books Categories: n/a
Thursday, September 29, 2005Why Choose a Christian College? Host(s): Char Binkley

Not every college-bound Christian opts for a Christian college. Why consider a Christian college? What are the benefits of Christian higher education? How do you choose a Christian college? Representatives from Taylor University, Anderson University, Huntington University, Indiana Wesleyan University and Bethel College answer these questions and yours on today's Mid-Morning
Tags: college Categories: n/a
Wednesday, September 28, 2005David Kaczynski Host(s): Lynne Ford

Growing up, David Kaczynski knew that his brother Ted was different. The difference had a name: schizophrenia-and led to a paranoid-driven rampage of mail bombings that terrified the country. David recalls when he realized his brother was the Unabomber, his role in his brother's arrest, and the impact of mental illness on a family and community on today's Mid-Morning.
Tags: Unabomber, mental illness Categories: n/a
Tuesday, September 27, 2005Dr. Erwin Lutzer Host(s): Char Binkley

Dr. Erwin Lutzer, senior pastor of Moody Church, and an award-winning author of more than twenty books, joins Char Binkley to discuss living as a devoted Christ-follower in the 21st century.
Tags: spiritual growth, Bible Categories: n/a
Monday, September 26, 2005MOPS Monday on "Mid-Morning" Host(s): Char Binkley, Maria Gardner

Todd Wilson, father of six and founder of Familyman Ministries, points a finger at the spirit-crushing lies moms believe: Everyone else's kids are better than mine, every other mom is more spiritual than I am, and more. How do these lies become the permanent tape that plays in our heads and how do we overcome them? Todd offers powerful lie-busting truths on today's MOPS Monday on Mid-Morning.
Tags: parenting, moms Categories: n/a
Friday, September 23, 2005Listener Call-Ins Host(s): Char Binkley

In a world where disasters continue to occur, listeners shared their reasons for a sustained faith in Christ.
Tags: testimony, listener Categories: n/a
Thursday, September 22, 2005Get Fit, Get Healthy Host(s): Char Binkley

Did Marsha Bunker and Greg and Jennifer Beal, Mid-Morning's "Lose Weight and Get Fit" group, stay on track with their eating and exercise plans over the summer? They check in during the first half of today's "Get Fit, Get Healthy" Mid-Morning. Then stay tuned for diet and exercise advice from nutritionist Beverly Moellering and personal fitness trainer Kerri Zurbuch.
Tags: diet, food, exercise, weights, running Categories: n/a
Wednesday, September 21, 2005Every Woman's Battle Host(s): Lynne Ford

Unhappy with her marriage, Shannon Ethridge fantasized about being married to other men and even became enmeshed in emotional affairs with five different men. Shannon explains how fantasy and comparison are the first steps in compromising a woman's sexual integrity in "Every Woman's Battle" (WaterBrook, ISBN # 1-57856-685-1). Learn how to guard your heart against temptation so you can live your life to the fullest - without regrets.
Tags: sexual addiction, temptation, infidelity, affairs Categories: n/a
Tuesday, September 20, 2005Soul Care Host(s): Char Binkley

What's the role of reading the Bible in growing a soul? Mindy Caliguire explores the purpose (to know God and become more like him) and process of reading scripture on September's Soul Care Mid-Morning. (Listen to previous Soul Care programs at www.wbcl.org.)
Tags: spiritual growth, soul, Bible, devotions Categories: n/a
Monday, September 19, 2005Three Guys and a Book Host(s): Steve Gardner

Christians tend to give the devil too much credit or not enough. On today's TGAAB, Steve Gardner, Dr. Jeff Baxter and Sam Barfell explain who the devil is and what he can and can't do. The group discusses Erwin Lutzer's "The Serpent of Paradise" (Moody, ISBN # 0-8024-2720-0) and camp on Lutzer's basic premise: When we understand God and stand in awe of him, we won't fear Satan.
Tags: devil, occult, demons Categories: n/a
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