Listener Stories

Listening on the Internet

by Buzz and Ellen
My husband and I are full time volunteers in mission. We have traveled to 7 different states and WBCL travels with us. The music & programs of WBCL keep us uplifted and encouraged. The news keeps us in touch with our Ohio roots. Almost 3 years ago, following the call of the Lord to "sell what we have & leave what we know" we left Delphos, OH. Our assignments have ranged from disaster relief in Louisiana to managing homeless shelters in Maryland & working at summer camps in Maine. We began this ministry thinking we were to serve for 9 months to the Appalachian poor in Kentucky, only to have God send us to the Appalachian poor of southern Ohio & Alabama. We are presently serving with Habitat for Humanity International in Americus, GA. It brought tears to my eyes & heart as I listened today & heard of the fundraiser for Houses for Habitat. Being here at the International Headquarters has been enlightening & humbling. Our ministry is called "The Carpenter's Ministry." Together we serve Jesus the Master Carpenter & with us on our travels we take WBCL.

Marriage Trial

by Trent
In 2009, my wife left me. Since that time, WBCL has given me hope and encouragement for my life every day, to get up and make the best of my trials no matter what my Lord has planned for my life. HE IS ALWAYS RIGHT ON TIME. Thank you.

Music to My Ears

by Shaunte
Whenever we get in my van the dial is always on WBCL. I love when songs come on that my 6 year old son sings to; it really brings a smile to my face. And just today my 2 year old son tried to sing your call letters :) What a blessing it is to know that the things going into my young children's ears are always going to be good.

Our WBCL Giving

by John and Linnaea
For the last two years we have been living on one income (down from two jobs) and yet God has been very good to us. We are tithing to our church, and yet we went from sponsoring one day to three days for WBCL. How much more can He do for others?! This is why we believe miracles convey the power of God, but time conveys His grace.

Listen on the Internet

by Ecuador
We are missionaries in Shell, Ecuador with Mission Aviation Fellowship, originally from Convoy, OH. I wanted to let you know that yesterday while sitting in a local restaurant I saw a guy wearing a WBCL t-shirt!! Obviously a workteam must've brought it down, but it was still neat to see! A great reminder of home. We listen to you everyday via the internet...what a huge blessing you have been!