Listener Stories

How WBCL helped with my wife and I

by Rob and Cindy

I noticed WBCL called me to talk about how WBCL helped with my wife and I rededicating our lives to our Lord Jesus Christ. I didn't answer because I knew I would start crying and wouldn't be able to share my testimony and how WBCL was one of the many moving parts that not only saved my marriage, but also kept me from ending my life.

My wife and I have been married for over 30 years and have been Christian's for just as long. We were baptized together at the church where we were married. The past several years Cindy and I have lost love for one another due to our lives being a total wreck...and I mean a WRECK!. Everything was a mess our spiritual lives, our finances, stress at work and our house was nothing more than a place where we lived together. There was no love in our  marriage.

I prayed for several years for God to fix my marriage and help me be the Christian husband that I need to be. I know I was living a life of disobedience to God and I was in a constant battle between flesh and the Holy Spirit: I cried often.  In October of last year I hit bottom and was so tired of my life and the way I was living. Cindy and I weren't living...we were just existing. I kept away from my adult daughters and their families as much as possible because I could only put on a happy show for so long and I didn't  want my inner dirt to ruin my relationship with my daughter's and grandkids. My life was full of anger, frustration, worry and shame.

I continued praying and was very upset with God due to all the doors of success being shut in my face, but on the other hand I knew it was my disobedience to God that was keeping the blessings God wanted to give me. Anyway, in October I decided to wait until the New Year and stop paying my house payments for a few months and take an early retirement and cash in all my vacation days and sick days and take off and not tell anyone where I was going. I thought about that and thought about my daughter's and grandkids and started to cry. I gave it a few day's and started listening to WBCL. Your station kept playing this song and for the life of me I cannot remember the name or the artist, but he talked about hitting rock bottom and the only way to look was up. He also said that God must think he is strong for letting him go through the things he is going through and to forgive him if he is wrong.

You guys played that song a lot which got me thinking of my situation. I started reading my bible again, but got more angry and frustrated because I was so angry inside I couldn't understand what I was reading. I then decided to end my life on October the 17 ( a Friday).

On Wednesday the 15 of October, I was in the shower and was singing that song about hitting rock bottom that I heard on WBCL just about every day!  I then prayed and told God that he knows my heart and that I was tired of the daily fight with my flesh and spirit and that he knows the sorrow and pain I am feeling and how unhappy and tired I am and that I can’t fight any longer. I told God that I was going to take my life Friday and come home to Him.

At that point (tears) my heart became hot, not painful hot, but loving hot, my body started to shake and the hair stood up on my arms and I felt a warmth that I have never felt before and  my mind became quiet....I don't know how to explain it, but my mind was silent and there I heard a very nice, warm and pleasant voice say, " I love you Rob and I am not through with you yet. Have faith in me and give me your me."  My mind was back to normal and I cried to God to take my burdens...all  my baggage and I want to live my  for you Lord I want to live my life and be the husband and father to my daughter's and grandfather  you want me to be for my grandkids.

After my prayer I continued to cry for a while and I immediately fell in love with my wife and shared with her what just happened. We fell in love with each other, our hearts were immediately filled with love, joy and peace. Our house became a home filled with love, joy and peace. But it didn't stop there, it filtered to my adult daughter's and their families. What a joy ( crying). It has been three months and each day is wonderful. I still have bad days and good days, but the bad days are nothing...NOTHING!! compared to what they were and my relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ He is right there with me and  sharing my situation. It's awesome because quite a few times Jesus will have WBCL play a song that fits my bad day situation and Jesus and I laugh about it and go on.

Listening to WBCL today God tugged on my heart and with that awesome pleasant voice told me to call WBCL and be a coffee can member. My budget is tight and there are days where Cindy and I have $20.00 left for the week and we have to decide on toilet paper or gas for the  I started to cry with love knowing that God will take care of us and so I became a coffee can  member and am proud of being a part of WBCL and thank you for being one of the many moving parts that not only saved my earthly life but aided in rededicating my life to our Lord Jesus Christ our savior.

God is Amazing

by Daren
It's amazing to me how God works in our lives and how He works through people like you on WBCL, even with the little things that give you a boost when you are down. I was getting lunch ready and Britt Nicole’s song Walk on the Water popped into my head, and I started to sing it to myself as I got things around. I decided to turn the radio on and that song was playing when the radio came on. That had to be God letting me know He was there picking me up when I was down.

Things will get better...

by Elizabeth
A year ago, my husband and I were happy that I was expecting a baby, even though we were struggling financially. A few months after our marriage in 2008, my husband got laid off. Life became more difficult over the months--We moved twice and just about exhausted what little money we had by the time I was 6 months pregnant. I thank God for my parents. They asked us to move in with them until we could strike out on our own again. We moved most of our belongings to storage. Despite the stress, I had a gorgeous, healthy, baby girl on September 17, a week before my expected due date. We named her Victoria Lynn. We are still struggling, but I find comfort in the Father's embrace. I can forget for a moment how scary things are when I praise God with WBCL for who He is and that He will fulfill his promises. When I look into my daughter's eyes and see her smile and coo, I am reminded that I should be just like her...thankful my basic needs are met--food, shelter, clothing, a family, and a Father Who loves me. Things will get better...

Organ Donation

by Tammy
My husband is waiting for a lung transplant and has had to stop working. There is not a lot we can do because of his condition. But the one thing we completely enjoy is Christian Radio! It has become one of our greatest joys! You bring so much happiness to an otherwise stressful life! I listen every morning on my way to work and the encouragement I receive is such a blessing! My husband—who is only 50—has been told that it will probably take 2-3 years to get a set of lungs. He is doing everything he can to stay as healthy as he can. Even though we’ve gone through difficult times with transportation, his pulmonary rehab, etc., because of our faith we have the courage to continue on. God is so good! We encourage organ donation—so important!

Marriage Restoration

by Chelli
A year ago at this time, my husband and I were facing divorce, something we both wanted (or so I thought). But upon our separation, it didn't take long to realize there is a very real difference between thinking you want a divorce and actually looking it square in the face. We both had let our spiritual walks fade over the year prior to this; and looking back, I can see how God tried to lead me in the right direction. I turned to God and prayed for my marriage to be restored, which He did! Thank you, God! After being separated for 4 months, there were lots things to work through and heal from. The tools to encourage us became a vital part of the healing process. God directed us to a new church, which we have been attending faithfully, and also to WBCL. I am amazed that EVERY time I get into my husband's car, he has WBCL on. God is doing a wonderful work in this marriage restoration, and the tools that we have found to strengthen us are SO important to help us get through each day. Everything on WBCL is great, the mid-morning show has provided such interesting topics that have been such a help to me. Having music throughout the day and as we go to sleep at night refresh my spirit and give me strength. I thank you so much for your ministry. It has been such a blessing in my life!

Opening of My Eyes

by Thomas
Most of my 50 years have been spent living for myself--lies, partying, drinking, drugs, you name it! I pretty much did whatever I wanted, but an emptiness was growing inside me. Then in September, the father of one of my best friends passed away. Sitting at the memorial service, I actually listened to the minister and reflected on my own life. Though I thought of checking out this church, I didn't actually do it. Then on December 5, my uncle--a great man and devoted Christian--died. As I listened at his memorial service of all the lives he'd touched, I realized I needed to find Jesus. I've recently asked Jesus into my heart and have started attending church. I also recently discovered your radio station while driving. At first, it was just another station playing Christmas carols, but it was playing some that I liked. The more I listened, the more I found myself drawn to listen--not just to the music, but also the messages it was broadcasting. I now have WBCL programed on the radio in my truck and the live stream on my computer at work. I'm still a lost sheep trying to find my way home but your station helps point the way. Thank you and God Bless.

Listening on the Internet

by Buzz and Ellen
My husband and I are full time volunteers in mission. We have traveled to 7 different states and WBCL travels with us. The music & programs of WBCL keep us uplifted and encouraged. The news keeps us in touch with our Ohio roots. Almost 3 years ago, following the call of the Lord to "sell what we have & leave what we know" we left Delphos, OH. Our assignments have ranged from disaster relief in Louisiana to managing homeless shelters in Maryland & working at summer camps in Maine. We began this ministry thinking we were to serve for 9 months to the Appalachian poor in Kentucky, only to have God send us to the Appalachian poor of southern Ohio & Alabama. We are presently serving with Habitat for Humanity International in Americus, GA. It brought tears to my eyes & heart as I listened today & heard of the fundraiser for Houses for Habitat. Being here at the International Headquarters has been enlightening & humbling. Our ministry is called "The Carpenter's Ministry." Together we serve Jesus the Master Carpenter & with us on our travels we take WBCL.

My Niece and Jesus

by Larry
My little niece "Hopey M" went to be with Jesus in January of 2008. I found myself in great pain, missing her; and my pain brought me to salvation on July 4 of that year. I knew she was no longer suffering, but the hurt was great. It wasn't until sometime later that I learned how much WBCL's staff had done for Hopey during her struggles . . . and I feel my life with Christ was a direct result of God using her to get me to turn my life to Jesus. I have grown so much, and my desire is to learn all I can about God and his attributes. I still miss little Hopey, but I know she now walks with Jesus all the time and is out of pain. I can hardly wait to see her in heaven someday! Words can't express my thanks to WBCL for the ways you were there for Hopey in her pain through her 14 years. THANK YOU and God bless you all!

Rise and Shine!

by Terry
Yes, every morning I hear the guys say, 'Rise and Shine!' after my clock radio alarm goes off. Yeah, and sometimes I hit the snooze and hear it a second time. Seriously, it is great waking up to Christian music and hearing God's word in music. The guys do a great job -- keep me laughing as I start another day on Planet Earth. God Bless you and keep up the good work!

God's Instrument

by Martha
Around 10 years ago, I was going through post-traumatic stress disorder. Not really sure which way to turn, I heard Dr. Heck on WBCL one morning and called his office for an appointment. What an answer to prayer! God used him to help me through the dark days. I am so thankful for WBCL and the many ways it has helped thousands of individuals each day.

Building Strong Bridges

by Jessica
I am in college and a good Bible study is hard to find for my age. In August my church started a college-age Bible study. At first I didn't want to go, then in early September I received a text from my pastor saying, "Don't forget Bible study is tonight and after is DQ!! Bring your Bible and be prepared to learn!" Since I had nothing to do and I LOVE ice cream, I grabbed my Bible and headed out. After a couple of weeks, I was hooked. As more weeks passed, I become good friends with some new members of Bible study, including Nick. After a series of bad relationships, I now have a relationship with a good and godly man. In addition, because of Nick listening to only 90.3, I have a much stronger relationship with God. Both Nick and I are better Christians and better people. My car radio is always on 90.3, so my other friends ask questions. Thank you, WBCL, for helping me to build wonderful relationships with my best friend and my God.

Support and Love

by Torrie
I was twelve years old and on my way home from Hocking Hills, Ohio, when your radio station shared that a family had lost a young child that day, October 12, 1998. My brother was that child. He was eight years old, and died from a head injury due to a horse riding accident. I can still remember hearing about our family over your radio station. It brought much love and support.... thank you soooo much,,,, I continue to listen to your station, as do members of this family. Thanks again and God Bless.

A Good Laugh

by Megan
There have been many times that WBCL has been an encouragement to my heart, whether it's something one of the DJs said, or just the perfect song at the perfect time, but I praise God for a good laugh on the radio this morning!!! I woke up in a "blahhh" mood today, but on my way to work I laughed so hard I cried as Phil, Jim, and Larry sampled the bacon-flavored Jones soda. I was still smiling as I walked into work, and already this morning I've had several comments about how "cheery" I am. Thank you for the opportunity to refocus my mood before walking into my mission field!!! :)

Thank You!

by Cathy
recently started to listen to WBCL and have found that I love the music you play. It is very encouraging when you are feeling down or having a bad day. I usually turn it up in the car and sing along. Lately I have noticed my kids--ages 5, 2 and even my 1-year-old--trying to sing along. It was so cute the other day--my 5-year-old fell asleep in the car while listening; and when he woke up, he belted out "Glory to God, Glory to God forever" which wasn't even something that had been on. This lets me know I am making the right choice and influencing my children by listening to your station. Thank you!

Sudden Death of Sister

by Bob
My sister died unexpectedly on October 15th. The music on WBCL has sustained me during this difficult time in my life. As I am driving around town I listen more closely to the lyrics and they seem to be supporting me as I grieve at the loss of my sister. Thank you WBCL for being there for me.

New World, Same Station

by Jami
My family and I have just recently moved to Costa Rica to study the language of Spanish to serve as missionaries in the Dominican Republic. We have been so thankful and encouraged to be able to continue listening to WBCL while being thousands of miles away. Thank you WBCL for being our encouragement away from where we are comfortable.

Keeping Me Strong Forever

by Walter
As I've become a wheelchair bound shut-in, I often don't see anyone for weeks at a time. WBCL IS MY REFUGE FROM THE WORLDLY. I listen 24/7. It seems that when I have need of instruction in the Word, there you are. When I need encouragement, something comes on just when I need it the most. You are a lifeline in a world that is dying. And on Sunday mornings, the praise and worship music helps me find a place to honor Him at home as I can no longer get out to a worship service. I consider you all friends, even though I haven`t met any of you. I don't know what I would do if you weren`t there. I love you guys in Christ!


by Jerry
I've been listening to WBCL for only a couple years. I previously listened to another Christian station but would find myself turning the volume down or turning it off which was not helping my walk with God. I just didn't feel connected. My wife was already listening to WBCL. When I started listening, I started to enjoy Christian radio again. I really enjoy the programming.

My Life Has Been Changed Thanks to WBCL

by Kevin
I have been listening for 15 years and hadn't felt like God was with me until today. When I got in my car, I felt God telling me to turn on WBCL so I did. A sense of peace came over me for the first time in 15 years. In the past I have been pushing away from God. I got home today and just started praying. I love JESUS! Thanks to WBCL for being there for me. I also love the morning guys--Phil, Jim, and Larry. They are the best! Thank you..

At Work

by Lisa
I work downtown in Indianapolis and local Christian radio stations are blocked so I tuned into this one about two years ago. I just started listening again two weeks ago. During the days that just feel so stressed and down, I listen to WBCL and feel so encouraged. There are those days when that perfect song comes on at just the right moment and it brightens my day. Thank you WBCL for being able to listen to you guys thru the internet.

Helping a Sailor Wherer He Goes

by Logan
I just wanted to thank you for all you do, especially the Rise N Shine team. Back in Indiana, I worked nights and couldn't wait for the early morning trivia, signifying that my day was almost over. Since then, I've joined the Navy and am in South Colin training to be a Nuclear Reactor Mechanic. I was a little down after finally getting here, knowing that I couldn't just flip on the radio and you guys were there. However, thanks to the magic of the internet, I can still hear the early morning trivia while getting ready for school. I just discovered that I can stream the station to my phone, so even on my 14-hour drive back home for Christmas I'll still get to hear you guys! Thanks again for everything!


by Vicki
I was going through McDonald's in Defiance one day to pick up a quick sandwich; and when I pulled up to the window, the lady told me that the car in front of me paid for my food and told her to give me a note. The note said, "Hi, you don't know me, but I just paid for your food. No gimmicks--It's just something I felt like doing." It said she heard about it on your radio station and it's called the Drive-Thru Difference. As soon as I read the note, I turned to 89.5 and started listening. What a great way to end my day!

Strenght and Support

by Katie
I have been a Christian for about 10 years. My life had been very easy, without hardships or any real pain. A little over 6 weeks ago, I had a miscarriage. Less than a week before my first wedding anniversary, we were dealing with the absolute heartbreak of losing a baby that I was looking so forward to meeting. My husband was amazing and so supportive, but through the music on WBCL and the uplifting and encouraging voices heard on the air every day, we made it through. Music has always been a great way for me to find hope, but it is through this station that I really found myself reminded daily of the plans that God has for me and my husband. We know that this loss happened for a reason, and we look forward to someday having a baby when the time is right. On a side note, I take my 7 year old nephew to school every morning. He does not come from a Christian household and is around secular music with inappropriate lyrics every day. I always have WBCL on in the car as we wait in the carpool line, and the 3rd day of school he was singing along to the music. It made my heart swell, knowing the impact just hearing the lyrics will have on him. Thank you, WBCL! pasting

A Time of Refreshing

by Carolyn
On Jan 17, 2007 I had colon cancer surgery. It was stage 3 and over the next 10 months I went through chemotherapy. My days were spent mostly in bed, with WBCL on the radio beside my bed. MANY times what was said or played was exactly what I needed in my spirit. I was never depressed, but was always hopeful and peaceful. WBCL was a great part of that, along with prayers from my family, church family, and friends. WBCL has been with me in several family crises, as well as good times, and at 73 I expect it to be with me to the end. I am cancer free and full of praise -- and your music and cheerful announcers help me to keep that peaceful, thankful spirit. Blessings on all you do.

Around the World

by Jami
My huband and I and our two young boys are leaving in a month to be missionaries in the Dominican Republic. I am so excited that I will still be able to listen to WBCL while we are there. WBCL has had a huge impact on my life. Not only are the songs powerful and amazing to listen to, I can let my boys listen all day long and know that it is safe for their young ears. Thank you WBCL for being with me in Michigan and soon to be in the Dominican Republic.

Life without God and Salvation

by Sadie
When I was 26 I went through a terrible divorce . . . and ended up living in a very wrong sinful relationship for three years. I had known God as a kid and had been saved but I gave up on God. Well, the beautiful part about it is that God never gave up on me. I have now been married for two years to a wonderful man. I am thankful each day that God never gave up on me and helped me find my way back to Him. Now all I listen to is WBCL radio. Thank you, WBCL, for allowing me to have your music to listen to and remind me how wonderful God truly is.    

The Breakup

by Caelyn
Last July, I had just celebrated my 1st birthday in Christ. I loved the Lord more than anything, and I was always eager to learn. Several months later, my boyfriend broke up with me and I was devastated. I couldn't imagine losing him. The day after it happened, I woke up, and the first thing I did was turn on WBCL and paint my room. I never once lost hope, and I knew that God was with me through it all. Your music really healed me through it. Thank you so much. The wonderful Christian music you play really helped me through.    

Walk in the Word

by Faith
I really love your radio station. It lifts me up, when I am having a bad day. It reminds me daily, that God is omnipresent, and is there to lift you up when you have fallen. I listen to WBCL on my MP3 radio. I walk with my MP3 practically everywhere I go, and your radio station just helps me focus my eyes on God. You all are really funny and you brighten my day.

God tuned me in

by Edward
May 2010 will mark my 30th anniversary of walking with the Lord and listening to WBCL. I always listened to other stations in town, but once I become a Christian in 1980, a voice said to me, listen to this station I turned the knob, unaware, to 90.3 fm. And wow, did I get impacted by listening to Christian music and valuable Christian information. This station has helped me mature in my Christian faith. Thank you, WBCL. I will continue to listen for the next 30 years, God willing

From the Beginning...

by Heather
It was like it was yesterday, I was working for a company driving a truck between our locations. My mind was everywhere, but on my job. The situations going on with my daughter's, my step-dad's cancer, my grandmother's illness had my emotions in a whirlwind, not to mention that I felt God tugging at my heart. I turned on WBCL for the first time and there He was ... singing to me. It was "Something Heavenly" by Sanctus Real. God was right there, in my radio ... singing to me. The words couldn't be more perfect! It was EXACTLY what I was feeling. It DID feel like chaos and God was up to something. I am so thankful that I surrendered. Thank you, Lord. Thank you WBCL for being a vessel for His mighty work!

Thank You

by C
I am a bus driver and started listening to WBCL on my routes. I looked up in my mirror during one of your songs "That's what Faith can do" and there were middle school and high school students singing the words. What a sight!! Thank you God for reaching to those students and showing them a light in their day.

A Blessing

by Yvonne
The first thing I do every morning when I get to my office is turn on WBCL on my computer. I work in a school office and sometimes when a teacher comes in and notices me listening to something on Midmorning, they stay and listen with me, then we both receive a morning blessing! Love the programs, conversations and of course, the music.

A few memories...

by Bekah
I've listened to WBCL for about 25 years. I used to wake up on Saturdays to listen to Uncle Charlie from our radio that could BARELY tune in 90.3 at our house. My mom and I still quote Jeff Carlson and no one knows what we're talking about :) Still miss him. Now I time my ride to work so I can catch Ken Davis. Thanks for your programming!

A Little Guidance from God

by Paula
About 6 years ago I found out that I was losing my job. I was terribly upset and still had to continue to go to work and have a smile on my face when I entered the doors. I started listening to WBCL and loved it. It made my last days so much easier to be there. I prayed every single night for God to guide me on what and where to go next. On the last day I was there, I was terribly upset. I called in to a WBCL contest and won that day. It made me smile and realize that everything was going to be okay with the help of God and the people that loved me, guiding me. I really needed that little bit of encouragement and happiness that afternoon and to my surprise I received it that day with winning a contest. God was watching out for me that afternoon. In the end I ended up getting a job that I truly love and work with Christians that love to listen to WBCL as much as I do. Thank you Jesus!

Marriage Trial

by Trent
In 2009 my wife left me. Since that time, WBCL has given me hope and encouragement for my life every day, to get up and make the best of my trials no matter what my Lord has planned for my life. HE IS ALWAYS RIGHT ON TIME. Thank you.

Great Station!

by Julie
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy listening to Scott & Lynne on my way home from work. I love to listen to Scott Jeopardy and our family tries to see how many questions we can get right! Thank you for all the great music you play and the programs you broadcast that are so uplifting. Thanks again      

When I Found You

by Karon
I live in Wauseon, Ohio. In February of 1993, my brother was killed in a hit and run accident. At that time, we could not always get WBCL. But that night of February 19, at 4:00 a.m., I was sitting on the floor with headphones on, listening to your station come in loud and clear. Your station has been with me through both good and bad times. What is great is that now I can get you all the to my doctor's office in Toledo. Please keep up the great work you all do.

Christmas without Mom

by Mary
My mom passed away August 30, 2009. I've missed her so much since, and even more so this Christmas. Christmas was her favorite holiday because it celebrated the birth of the love of her life...Jesus! I had been so sad and lonely up until a few weeks before Christmas. I turned on WBCL often and listened while I worked my paper route. The Christmas music seemed to help soothe my heart, and before I knew it I was feeling better. I managed to get the tree up, gifts wrapped, and goodies baked (much to the delight of my family). A lot of good memories about Christmas past with mom seeped in and things looked brighter. I know she wouldn't want me to be sad, but instead celebrate her first Christmas in Heaven with Jesus!!!

Grandma's station

by Carey
I remember in the 1980's, whenever I was at my Grandma's house, the radio was on a station called WBCL, playing lots of "church music." Now, some 25 years later, whenever people come to my house, the radio is on and tuned to WBCL and playing "Christian" music. Thanks to WBCL and Grandma for being tuned in.

Some of God's Gifts

by Heath
I want to thank God for WBCL and all of you that spend so much of your time to do God's will. God has blessed me with 2 wonderful healthy children and a loving wife of 17 years.

Bad Day

by Erika
About a few months ago I woke up to an average day of work and college. Little things through out the day along with some stress and tension had me leaving work really angry. So as I was driving home I turned on the radio and heard the words ..." I'm in a fight not physical, I'm in a war but not with this world, You are the light thats beautiful and I want more..." As soon as I heard those words I grinned from ear to ear. It was like God speaking to me telling me to not let little things get me down. I saw the bigger picture and I'm so grateful for that. I pray God blesses you all at WBCL and that you would continue to be a vesssel of blessing and salvation to every one you come in contact with. God bless!

Phil is Famous

by Tiffany
My mother gave her life to Christ when I was a young girl. In doing so, she made a commitment to only listen to uplifting, Christian music. So, growing up, the only music my sisters and I listened to was WBCL. Phil was a celebrity in our house! I remember very clearly the day I realized WBCL was not the only radio station in the world and that some people listened to "music that's not about God."

25 Years Ago

by Kathy
When our children were little, our youngest was only 2 years old, I became ill with Mono. I was sick for a month. For the first 2 weeks I was in bed. I couldn't even sit up and read a book or watch TV. I could, however, listen to the radio, and WBCL was my constant friend. What a comfort.

No Place Like Home

by Ann
This summer my daughter and I took a driving trip to NJ to spend time with my mom and family. We always have the radio on when we take a road trip, and we scan the dial looking for Christian radio. Even though it means we're closer to family, it's always disappointing when we get out of range of WBCL! After a week of being away, listening to whatever stations we could find, we both were very excited when we could once again listen to WBCL. My daughter, who's 11, said, "We're almost home, mom! We can hear WBCL!" Although we found some good Christian stations along the way, WBCL felt like home to our ears. The familiar voices are voices of friends - those folks that we listen to daily that encourage us, make us laugh, and lead us to the throne of grace. Even though most of the music was the same wherever we went, there's no place like home - our radio home!

Music to My Ears

by Shaunte
When ever we get in my van the dial is always on WBCL. I love when songs come on that my 6 year old son sings to, it really brings a smile to my face. And just today my 2 year old son tried to sing your call letters :) What a blessing it is to know that the things going into my young childrens ears is something that is always going to be good.

Camping and WBCL

by John
I came to Angola Indiana September 1977 to manage the Lake James Christian Assemby, Youth Camp & Retreat Center. The camp is 80 years old and I am still the manager. I loved to listen to WBCL then and I still love to listen to WBCL today!

I Love WBCL!

by Johnny
I just wanted everyone to know that I love WBCL!I used to listen to you early in the morning on my way to work and I always got a laugh out of Phil, Jim, and Larry. Now I listen to you all the time! I also love the great prizes and giveaways that you do. Thank you for being so encouraging and for the great music you play. God Bless You All!

God's Timing and Grace

by Sharon
Thank you WBCL for making it possible for me to attend the E Women Conference event at the Coliseum this past weekend. It was a changing point in my life and I can feel the Holy Spirit working in me. The speakers were so inspiring and the praise music was wonderful. I also want to give a special thank you to Sandi Rauwolf, (author of Blessings Too Good) who sat with our group at the conference. She is a woman of tremendous faith and vision in what God wants us to be and her prayers and support have helped me immensely. I listen to WBCL every day and pray that God will continue to work in my heart to mold me in to the person He wants me to be. It is so important for all of us to surround ourselves with positive Christian friends to help us through our trials in life. Thank you WBCL for being one of my friends. God bless you ministry.

WBCL is a Blessing In India

by Del
I have enjoyed listening to WBCL since the inception of the station on my way to work and on my way home. Often it is on during the day on weekends. My job has taken me to India for several months at a time and I really enjoy logging on with the Internet. Getting the local weather, news, and then listening to the encouraging music really helps me get through the days and evenings! Thanks for making this possible!

Saved By Cancer

by Terry
In 1991, I had just returned to my faith journey by way of surviving cancer. My sister-in-law and I had started a breast cancer support group and she had been invited to be on a panel of cancer survivors on a Mid-Morning program with Char Binkley. Too shy to do it herself, she begged me to take on the task. I had never heard of WBCL and had never considered looking for a Christian radio station. But God, in His wisdom, had seen fit to take away any fear I had ever had of public speaking in order that I might give Him the glory for my healing and so I said yes to the assignment and was given the gift of becoming part of the WBCL family. I can say Amen! to all the other folks who have written to say that 'just the right message' has come along at 'just the right time' as they have made WBCL part of their day. Thank you and God bless you, WBCL.

The Love that is Given

by Maria
Though I am only 26, I feel old because of choices I've made and the life I've lived. I have 7-year-old twins and a 4-year-old, but I never knew what it was to really love them the way God loves us. God has opened doors through your radio ministry for me to learn things about myself, about my children, and--most importantly--about God. It is becoming easier to let go of the past that broke me and made me feel lost and helpless, and I am following the road God is leading me on. Thank you for hearing God's call and doing what He is calling you to do. I am now planning a wedding and looking forward to having a new daughter join my family. I am also holding on to God's promises that He will guide us with amazing angels just like WBCL. Thank you.

Our WBCL Giving

by John and Linnaea
For the last two years we have been going along on one income (down from two jobs) and yet God has been very good to us. We are tithing to our church, and yet we went from sponsoring one day to three days for WBCL. How much more can He do for others?! This is why we believe miracles convey the power of God, but time conveys His grace.

What Jesus is Doing in Me

by Patty
In 2007 I resolved to let the Lord take my finances and teach me to trust Him. Wow, what an adventure began in my life! In November of 2007, I had medical bills totaling $3000 and my insurance had $1000 deductible. I watched God work in this and ended up owing only $200, which He provided! In April I lost my job, but God sent people and little jobs that kept all my bills paid. The shame of being fired for the first time in my life was great. But God was in control. I got a new job in Aug 2008, in a factory for one month, then found another job, which lasted four months, when some of us were let go again. I have now been out of work since November 2008. But I have watched the Lord do wonderful things. My home is paid off, and my bills have all been paid and on time. I have even been able to give to WBCL and to Joni and Friends. I continue waiting on the Lord to show me what is next.

Greetings from Los Angeles

by Stacey
I grew up in Northwest, Ohio and am now living in Los Angeles. I listen to you at my desk while at work and also online while at home..THANK YOU for your music, I enjoy your station SO much!! You keep me close to home while I am living so far away and also keep uplifted, reminding of just how good God is.

Blessings Everyday

by Mandy
Our first daughter was born in 1998, following 4 miscarriages. Nineteen months later, we had our second daughter. I continued to work full time but hated it. One day I went into my boss's office in tears, telling him that I appreciated him very much but I needed to pack and go home and raise my kids. That is exactly what I did. My husband was upset with me, as we were already living paycheck to paycheck. There were many times we struggled. In particular, I remember one time we were short on paying an electric bill of 117.34. I knew I had to pray about it and trust God to take care of us. The very next day we received a check in the mail from Olivet Nazarene University which I attended in 1993. They were cleaning up their books from 1990-1999 and realized they owed me 118.00. The Lord is awesome and we even had change to spare. My husband now regularly attends church with me, we had another addition to our family in 2003, and LIFE IS GOOD!

Only One Channel

by Dan
I have listened to WBCL for about 9 years, having moved from the Detroit area to marry the love of my life. At that time, I lived in Hillsdale County and worked in Wixom, MI, rising at 3am to get to work by 6am. I would listen till I lost the signal, then wait till I could get it again on my way home. Next I worked in Marshall, MI, and again, I would listen as long as possible while traveling to and from work, switching back and forth between 89.5 and 90.3 fm. Now I am happy to report that I get to hear WBCL loud and clear! I listen to WBCL because it gets me ready to deal with the world and all its troubles; and I know, no matter what, that GOD is there to guide me. WBCL helps keep me grounded in him.

Something for Everyone

by Michelle
I just wanted to let you know I think your ministry and station are wonderful. When I was 19, I moved to Nashville to work in the Christian music industry. While there, I had the hardest time finding a Christian radio station I really liked. After living in Nashville for some time, I moved to the East Coast for work; again, I couldn't find a station I really enjoyed. Last year I moved back home to be closer to family and friends, and I couldn't be happier to be back in the WBCL listening area! I didn't realize how much I had missed you! Of all the places I've been and lived, your radio station is, by far, the best station I've ever listened to. Your DJ's are kind and hilarious, you have a GREAT music selection, and you don't play the same songs over and over again. That is one of the things I appreciate most! You play a broad range of music - there really is something for everyone.

Mid-Morning Shows

by Catie
I always listen to WBCL as I am getting the kids off to school and then as I am cleaning up the house when they have left. Your mid morning shows on "mom" topics always draw my attention. My husband and I are Adoptive Parents of 7 Special Needs Children and it brightens my day to hear that some of the issues that we face, we are not alone. Thanks WBCL

The Way WBCL Encourages Me

by Susan
 I chose to listen to WBCL because the content of the songs is far more meaningful that that of the other Christian station in Fort Wayne. I am tired of radio stations playing romance songs and calling them "Christian" when Christ has no mention in it at all! I also appreciate that WBCL has Bible teachers aired on the station. I leave my radio turned to WBCL and don't have any desire to change.

Cancer and WBCL

by Susan
My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Aug. 2006. He was only given 6-8 months to live, with treatment, as it was inoperable. Our son introduced us to WBCL around the same time. With all the prayers from friends and family, and the encouragement from your radio station and a miracle from God, my husband is still with us today. We recently had to move to Toledo, Ohio, and can only listen to you on the Internet. Please expand your listening area so we can listen to you via the radio. We woke up with you and went to sleep with you. Thank you and God Bless You All!

God's Love

by Ismael
I will tell my story the best I can, but no words can ever fully grasp how awsome, loving, wonderful, and kind God is. I moved away from my parents when I turned 18, and lived with a friend in another state. I was given a great job oppurtunity but it meant I had to go live with my uncle. It was his love for God that led me to pick up a Bible one day and start browsing. As I read, I became overwhelmed and saddened at my spiritual condition. I wanted to run away but felt compelled to read more. The more I read, the heavier the load was on me. It is now the year 2009. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, and I was baptized in my community church at Blackhawk Ministries. Nothing will EVER be the same EVER again. :-)

All Day and Night

by Brittany
When I am doing the dishes after school or lying in bed at 2 in the morning, WBCL is aways on! I also cannot sleep with out WBCL blasting with praises. THANK YOU

God's Love

by Jeff
WBCL is very similar to God's Love--It is always there, 24/7. I have been a regular listener since I became a Christian in 1981. During the past several years, I’ve gone through many valleys. WBCL always plays the right songs for the lowest times in my life, and the programs touch me in ways that only further deepen my faith in God. Thank you, WBCL! You are such a blessing to so many!

Perfect Timing

by Katie
My grandpa died today while my Mom was on the way to their house to see him. He's had cancer for about a year now. My mom turned the corner on the road to their house and turned on the radio. It was at the time he died, and the song "I'll Fly Away" came on. It was amazing--like a realease. On WBCL, you say you play the right song at the right time. My uncle was on his way, too, and he heard the song. The timing was so perfect...

I Will Rise

by Trudy
hank you for letting the Lord direct what songs to air. On June 3rd my family gathered in my 50 yr. old brother Mike's hospital room as life support was removed. He had fallen from a ladder and suffered severe head trauma. At around 10:30, his nurse came in and asked if we'd like the Christian radio station (WBCL) turned on. Then as the song "I Will Rise" by Chris Tomlin began playing, Mike drew his final breath and his heart rate dropped steadily all through the song. As we stood watching the monitor, we realized the words from the song: "I will rise when He calls my name; No more sorrow, no more pain." The presence of God was felt more in that room that night than I have ever witnessed. Over 600 people gathered yesterday for his memorial/celebration of life service. We never realized how many lives he had touched with the love of Jesus. We look forward to the day we will join Mike before the throne. God is so good.

Church for Disabled

by Jo
Thank you to WBCL for being my "church at home." Due to health issues, I spend about 90% of my time in bed and cannot attend church. God bless all of you for the wonderful work you do and for being my "church" via the airwaves.

Help Me Deliver My Papers

by Patty
I live in Lima, Ohio, and deliver the Lima News from 4:30 am to 6:00 am. I count the minutes until 5:00 every morning when Phil, Jim, and Larry come on the air. I feel like they are my family and we are starting the day together. I appreciate their humor. Thanks, guys.

Music Makes Me Feel Good

by Jolene
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful music and the inspiration it gives me. The Lord is awesome. He has done so much in my life. I am so blessed to have 3 healthy boys and for them to be involved with the church is also wonderful. I pray hard for my children. I love them so much and I love the Lord. So thank you again for the extra push everyday. May God Bless you. My prayers are with you all. pasting

Always There For Me

by Perry
Not long ago my father had hospital testing done for abdominal symptoms. After a CT scan, he was told to report to the hospital as he had an aggressive form of cancer. We were told it was quite treatable and hoped for a good recovery. Dad checked in and began treatment. Meanwhile, my mother was in a nursing home with dementia. Since Dad visited her every day, I tried to increase my visits to her, but also went to see dad in the hospital each day. The following week I received a call at work that my father had just passed away unexpectedly. During the 20-minute drive to the hospital, I faced a lot of emotions and questions and felt very overwhelmed. Just as I arrived, the song ‘If You Could See Me Now" was on WBCL. This was just what I needed to hear! I sat there and cried for a bit, but also had to smile, since it was just under 2 years since the day I led my father to the Lord. What a blessing to hear the perfect song at just the right time. Keep up the good work!

God's Grace

by Nicole
My childhood wasn't the best. I lived with my mother, who was separated from my dad, and things were never good. Thank the Lord for my grandma, who faithfully stayed in my life. She taught me so much I didn't know about God. She has been a pastor for many years and now serves as a Chaplain. Thanks to her and your radio station I get through the days with my family, and I try not to backslide. Listening to WBCL makes it easier for me to relate to God's never-dying love when life seems hard to bear. Also Mercy Me is wonderful--I love their songs.

God On Your Side

by Jaclyn
As a mother of three very energetic boys--11,6,and 2; a wife; a full time college student; and employed part time, I sometimes wonder where life is taking me. When I have days of doubt, I just turn up your station in the van and sing as loud as I can, knowing that God can hear me. It usually takes me about two songs and the tears are flowing and I have the chills, but I know that God is taking my worries away. I just keep going with a smile on my face. Having God on your side is the greatest feeling.

Family Emergency

by Marci
I recently had to travel to Kentucky from Northeast Indiana in the middle of the night for a family emergency. What a blessing it was to be able to listen to WBCL/WBCJ for a large part of the trip! The music and the words gave me so much comfort, and reminded me that God is always with us and will always protect us from harm. Thanks so much for all that you do!    


by Stephanie
I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate all of the WBCL staff. My mom just went through almost 18 weeks of being in the hospital and rehab, and I don't know what I would have done without this radio station and the prayers of many people. You brought me and my family through times where the doctors were telling us that she would not make it. But every time I needed a spiritual boost, you were always there, no matter what time it was. Thank you so much. Thank you for letting Jesus lead in your lives.

Keeping Me Faithfull

by Debbie
I live in Germany but was recently in Oklahoma for about 10 months. While there I ended up in the homeless shelter in Chickasha called The Resurrection House. It is a Christian shelter (and the best thing that ever happened to me!). I started paying attention to the nightly Bible classes we had to attend. My heart and soul opened up and I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I was baptized at the Full Gospel Church and did Bible study at the shelter. I had a lot of catching up to do with my faith! Now that I am back home with my husband of 8 years here in Germany, I am rather lost. I have not found a church yet but do a lot of reading and such online. I ran across your radio station while looking in my iTunes. I used to live in Terre Haute and you were pretty close to there--at least from here! I've been listening to your station for about 5 months now. It helps me feel close to God and Jesus. Your programs are wonderful for my faith and my soul's well-being.

You Did It Again!

by Darlene
You did it again! You aired just what I needed to hear, even though I didn't know it. I'm having a tough time right now, feeling depressed, lonesome, forgotten etc. Then you played "He Remembers You." It was a reminder to me of what I already know, that I am always in HIS thoughts. It was like a much-needed, loving hug. Thank you so much for always being there.


by Deb
I was recently laid off, as many have been. The enemy is able to take control of one's mind when given the smallest opportunity. The impact of having lost my job wasn't as great as it was, nor is the lack of structure throughout the day. WBCL has been wonderful! When I get up in the morning, I now grab a cup of coffee and turn on WBCL. Listening brings joy to my heart and puts a smile on my face. WBCL has helped me cope on a daily basis. I also now realize that I've been given the opportunity to do His work and to study His word more. Thank you, WBCL, for what you bring to my life everyday. God bless!    

Take It With Me

by Lauri
Having lived in Fort Wayne all my life, I listened to WBCL a lot. When working a job where I could listen to radio I had a steady habit of listening to music, teachings, and getting to know the personalities on WBCL. I have since moved to Indy (it's been 6 years), and I still turn on WBCL online and hear old friends and feel like I'm home. Thank you, WBCL, for being a source of inspiration and comfort.

Suicide of a Child

by Anita
Heavy subject!! I started listening the week after he died. I don't know how I found you. The details of that difficult time are quite fuzzy. God took me in his arms and comforted me when nothing else could. He also led me to the body of Christ at a wonderful church. That's been 3 years ago and I still love to listen to you. Thank You Thank God

Listened As A Child

by Tammra
I have listened to WBCL since I was a child. On Saturday mornings, my sisters and I would listen to the children's programs while we cleaned the house. It really helped us get our cleaning done with a positive attitude! I am a single parent and wanted to give to WBCL, but did not even have enough money to finish paying for my son's 8th grade trip. I prayed and asked God for help. Someone called me and said they would pay for the field trip. I was amazed and grateful. Two days later the Lord reminded me of my promise to the station. I submitted my payment today. Thank you for your station. It has been a blessing to me many times. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.    

WBCL at Work

by David
I work 3rd shift--10pm to 6:30am--as a Janitor in a school. For 6 hours a night I am all by my self. I listen to WBCL all night long--it helps me. As I vacuum the rooms, I like to sing the praise song I hear; and I also do a lot of praying during that time. I love Today’s Father at 11:30 pm and Ken Davis at 2:30 am. Thank you, WBCL, for all the hours I get to spend with you each night.

Confirmation of Marriage

by Randy
A few years ago, I went through a difficult divorce, after 30 years of marriage. A long time WBCL listener and a Christian for over 30 years, I prayed God would place someone in my life who would love me unconditionally. I began dating a woman whose calling in life was fostering children. As I was driving one day, I asked God to somehow confirm that Melanie was the woman for me to marry. Just then, WBCL played the BROKEN ROAD by SELAH. I truly believe that was the confirmation I had asked for. We just celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary and are in the midst of Melanie's calling as foster parents. As foster parents, we seek to instill in these children the life-altering LOVE of JESUS CHRIST. WBCL is a major part of that process as we listen to and all the WBCL "ministers" in our car and home every day. Thank you for the privilege of financially supporting this ministry so that many others may know about our life-transforming SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST!

What WBCL Means to Me

by Rose
After my husband died, the prayers of my friends and the WBCL listeners were there for me. If it wasn't for your prayers, I would not know how I could live without Jesus in my heart and my life today. I pray that your station will continue on and on. Your station is a light in this sad world of ours. I wouln't know what to do if I didn't hear it every day. Love you guys.

West Africa at 60

by Steven
God lead my wife and me to sell all we had and move to Dakar Academy in Senegal West Africa at the age of 60. It was very hard to leave children and grand-children but the internet conection with WBCL makes us feel almost home.

Just a Note

by Michele
Just a note to let you know; because of God's love, He directed me to your radio "show". I can't live without HIS grace, so now I'm a listner and your station has great "taste". May the Love of Christ always be with you.

Our New Life

by Kira
My husband and I recently went through a very hard time in our marriage. My mom encouraged us to start going to church, as she recently had started going and had gotten saved!!! We started going, and on Sunday I felt a push that was from God to get saved. The next week my husband got saved. We were baptized that month. My husband and I were also able to get 15 people to attend church (who normally wouldn't have been there) to listen to the word of God. It is truly amazing how much the Lord has worked in our lives since we put Him in control. We were never in control and almost ended up in a divorce. I started listening to WBCL the week I was saved. I have listened to it ever since, and do not change the station. I listen at work and in the car. I also have my husband starting to listen to it. It keeps me motivated and is helping me grow in my faith.

No Satellite

by Suzi
I recently purchased a new car and it came with satellite radio. I was very excited to have so many channels. For days I searched and studied my many choices. I quickly found it did not matter if I had 10 or 1000 channels to choose from. Your station provides so much more then music. A few days without it and I really missed the extra moments with God that I remember to have with your music and personalities. I will not be signing up to continue my satellite radio. I will be sending that money to WBCL. I realized I am not just a listener; I’ve become part of the family. I missed you while I was gone and I am glad I am back. Thanks again and God Bless.

WBCL in Thailand

by Miya
I am a missionary in Chiang Mai Thailand. I grew up in Fort Wayne and attended Snider HS. The Lord began reaching me through the Maplewood Mennonite Church while growing up as I was the proverbial "neighborhood VBS kid." Our great God saved me at age 23 and now our family of 5 is serving God here in Asia. When I play worship music for my students at our international school, I play WBCL as it is the BEST worship music I can get within 13,000 miles of us here!! PRAISE OUR GOD for what he has done in Fort Wayne over the years and also for WBCL, as I can attest it is the best online station in the world for missionaries!


by Amy
My young family moved to Indiana from Florida in 1988. I had listened to a great Chistian station there, and that made it difficult to leave. I wasn't sure what I'd find here. I didn't know anyone in the area, and my husband and I had two preschoolers. I soon found that I had a friend in WBCL. Your station took me through the growing-up years of my children, an unwanted divorce, and the loss of a job because of the arson of our building. I'm still dealing with that one. But God has been with me through it all, and I hear His voice through WBCL. Sometimes it's a comforting voice, and sometimes it's reproving. But it's always loving. Thank you for being the conduit for God's message to so many listeners. We love you!

God Time is Best

by Prince Andrew
Back in 2000 in The Netherlands where I was living, I was surfing for a christian music station on the web. I came up with so many stations, then I prayed to God to direct me to the best christian music. From there, I clicked WBL which I played and I found out is the best station so far both in christian music and in preaching compared to the one I had been playing before. Ever since then I have been listening to all your programmes, and I'm glad to be part of the family radio. This might sound funny but God's time is the best for everything in someone's life. I'm now residing in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Now I have converted most of my friends and family to listening to WBCL which they did and told me is the best!! Continue doing your great work and God will bless you all.

God's Love is Faithful

by Leslie
I started listening to WBCL a year and half ago. God lead me to this very loving, uplifting station. Thank You for being there when I need to hear song to keep my heart and mind on Jesus Christ. God has always been there, even when I fall he's there. Thank You guys for lifting my spirits when I needed it. Thanks.

Humility and Forgiveness

by Tabatha
I am writing to thank you for WBCL. I am going through the darkest time in my life. I accepted Christ as my savior a long time ago, but recently found myself living in ways that hurt Him. I know God can forgive, and this experience has brought about a deep humility. It is hard to admit wrongdoings, but somewhere in the big scheme of things, God has a plan - He always has. I now have to lean on Christ for all my strength and support. WBCL--I thank you for your ministry and for playing songs that uplift and send messages that encourage us to put ALL our faith in Him. God bless you and your ministry!


by Jan
I have been listening to WBCL for many years. I gain strength daily from your programs. I have the station on at home and in my car. I wake up to your inspiration and comfort every morning. I have heard many people say that, when listening to WBCL, a song comes on or something is said that is just what they need at that time. This is so true! I have had days when I think I cannot go on, and then I hear that special song or those comforting words and I know I am not alone and God will get me through the day and many more days, as long as I believe and trust in Him. It always gets my prayers going, not for what I want, but to thank God for what I have and for Him continuing to be present in my life, even when I stumble and fall. At this point in my life, I am not able to offer monetary support to the station, but hopefully in the future I will be able to. Thank you for lifting me out of the pits on a regular basis and keeping me grounded in my faith.

God is There

by Tessa
I am a teen in high school and it is hard. There is so much drama and it seems like more and more kids are getting into trouble. Just when i think there is no one there for me i listen to this radio station and I know that God is there. Thanks WBCL for letting me know there is someone out there i can trust!

Ian's Story

by Deb
Life was eventful at our house with three teenagers. We all had a routine. My husband was working, I had just finished my Masters in Counseling. I was working my first job as a counselor at an alternative school. I was working long hours yet loving what I was doing. Then much to our shock we were told I was pregnant with our fourth child. This couldn't be. My career had just gotten off the ground. I was not ready for another baby. God and I had many talks. I became excited about the baby and enjoyed seeing the ultrasounds of him. We were looking forward to another child. On August 1, 2003 Ian was born into heaven. We looked to God for our comfort. We longed to hold our little boy we had lost. The words on the radio were a comfort for many a day to come as we have grieved. We know and are reminded through the music that one day we will see Ian again. Some nights the music is all that has gotten me through. Thank you for being there with words of comfort and encouragement.

Pregnant and Scared

by Robin
It is hard to believe it has been over ten years since I have been listening to WBCL. It was then that I found myself pregnant and just married. I was unsure that is what I wanted and I was not in the will of the Lord. I was driving to work at the time (30 minutes) so I had lots of time to think, cry and eventually pray. It seemed when I found WBCL, I would hear a song or a word of encouragement that I needed for that day. It reminded me that God was in control and still loved me. I am ten years down the road with the same Christian man and God has blessed us with 4 children. the Lord has shown his faithfulness to us. God loved Gary and I in our straying and brought us back and has used WBCL to provide comfort and peace at the darkest days of our marriage and the fun-filled, happy days since. God bless.

Trying to Find My Way Back to Christ

by Staci
I have been listening to WBCL for about 2 years now. It helps me each and every day remember who I want to be and why. I want to follow God's ways, I want to bring my family closer to Him as well. If it were not for this station, I do not know where my life would be. I have gone through some pretty tough stuff this last year and you have been right there for me everyday. Thank you WBCL, I pray others are being helped just as much as I am.

Kina's Story

by Lori Ann
On Feb. 29, 2004, God joined us with our daughter Kina from China who is now almost 5 years old. Words cannot express the miracle she is to us! Since then we have dealt with some major financial issues. I wanted to pledge again, but never felt we could. This past year has been the most difficult by far, both financially & spiritually. But our friends at WBCL always seem to play just the right song or say just the right thing to keep us focused on God. We couldn’t make it without you! Once again this year I thought there was no way we could afford to pledge. Then I heard you speak about letting God do "exceedingly abundantly more" and God practically yelled at me through the radio - "TRUST ME!" So I am trusting & believing God is going to do more than I can imagine. You are such a blessing to us and God has blessed us so much with Kina that I have to act. Thanks a lot for your ministry. It will be so wonderful when we get together in Heaven and see all God accomplished! through WBCL!

Feel Like Family

by Ashlen
I am so thankful for WBCL! I listen all the time! Rise-n-Shine helps wake me up but instead of hitting the snooze I have a tendency to stay in bed and listen to this station!! During the summer and school breaks I listen to mid-morning. Then in the afternoon/evening it comes with me in the car or any room in the house! And right before I go to bed I listen. WBCL wakes me up and puts me to sleep and everywhere in beteween! When coming home from long trips I know we are almost home when I can hear WBCL playing. And then this year on my sixteenth birthday I recieved a card from WBCL and you truly felt like family. :) Thank you for being an uplifting, encouraging, humerous and godly thing to listen to!


by Jeff
In June 2007 my wife and step-daughter left for no apparent reason. I became saved soon after and God led me to your station. I've listened every day since. It's been rough but God got me through. I know know that God is in control and has a plan for me. I lost my family but gained much more. Anytime I get down or think a certain way, you play a song or say something to pick me up. It's been a blessing. I never listened to christian music before and now it's all I listen to.Thank you so much for everything. God bless all of you

You Give Me Strength

by Connie
This radio station gives me the strength to be the Christian I am trying to be. You say most people find you through others, I found you through a billboard I passed everyday. I had started back to church and wanted more, but really to shy to ask people where to find what I was looking for. One day I looked up and there was your billboard. So I changed the station and started to listen. Three years later I am still listening, giving what I can, and growing stronger in my walk with Christ. Thank you for all that encouragement, strength and prayer.

WBCL and Me

by Karon
For years while working my job, I used to enjoy all the programs that were on the station. I would listen every day. I worked second shift and was all by myself in my department, so your programs were very much company to me, as well as uplifting. It was a way for me to witness also, as Jeep drivers or other people would come by and ask questions about my music. I have always loved this radio station and the people on it. You have always been an inspiration to me. I am retired now, but still enjoy my WBCL radio station. May God continue to bless you all.

God's Saving Grace

by Meghan
A year ago last Fall, I was in the middle of a horrid student teaching experience. Because of health reasons, I was also on some medicine that really affected me emotionally. Every morning on the way to the school, I would sob and pray that God would end my life, by a semi or deer in my lane...but then, across the radio would come this song by David Phelps "Revelation" and suddenly, my prayers would change and I would begin praying for the rapture, and then praying for my teacher, and my students. Your station was God's way of scooping me up in His arms and reminding me of the need around me, and my reason for being here. WBCL truly helped God save my life, and helped usher me into a deeper appreciation, understanding and faith in God. I'm proud to be able to give back to this station. THANK YOU!

Day Sponsors

by Dee
I just want to thank WBCL for having day sponsorships. Throughout the years they have been such a blessing to me! I have often heard names of people that have touched me in the past, and it is so encouraging! I have heard a sponsorship from a landlord we had when my son (Jacob, who will be 10 on Monday) was born. I heard one from the gentleman who owns the funeral home that took care of my Grandmother's service (my grandparents were funeral directors as well). What is even more encouraging is to hear names from my past, of people who were not Christians at the time (I wasn't either), and to know God is at work in their lives as well is so exciting! These announcements bring the past to my mind and are so uplifting to me. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate the day sponsorships, and to encourage those who might be on the fence about supporting WBCL through a day sponsorship. You never know who you might reach in this way. God bless you for all you do!

WBCL + Teaching

by Sue
I began teaching some 30 years ago with WBCL. I am still teaching and WBCL is still on the air! I like going to sleep with the radio station and I like wakeing up to the same station. Its like having a friend all the time. I am enjoying listening via the internet during my prep at school too. Thanks WBCL for helping me in preparation for my teaching days and years.

WBCL Is My Alarm!

by Mickey Ann
I've been feeling very guilty about using WBCL as my alarm 365 days a year-so I am challenging everyone who wakes up to WBCL to give something - and $365.00 is a good starting place!Thank you for always being our constant friend and mentor for all these years! I also have you as my home web page - we need to hear from those people for a lot to do a little makes a huge job a lot less! Bless all of you, my friends!

Far From Home

by Bethany
Christian radio was to my family what Cheerios was to breakfast - essential - and I was raised on both! Now as an adult and living overseas as a missionary, I can’t often buy Cheerios, but thanks to the internet, I still have Christian radio and WBCL. The Scriptures talk about renewing our minds (Romans 12:2) and being made new in the attitudes of our minds (Ephesians 4:22-24). I have found that in spite of hectic and often stressful schedules I can renew and change the attitude of my mind through the programs and music of WBCL. May His Word continue to be proclaimed!

Changed My Future

by Bev
One morning January 2005 there was a brief announcement on WBCL about children visiting from Russia looking for forever families. That little announcement changed my life like I could never have imagined that morning! I felt that God wanted me to adopt some of those children. Three years later, I am the happy mother of three wonderful children from Russia adjusting to life in a family (they had spent 6 years in the orphanage). The little guy is a delight as he now has a mama and is always telling me how much he loves me. The girls are coming around and we are in the process of waiting to return to Russia to adopt the youngest girl's best friend! I am also adopting a ten year old brother for Sergei. Up until now the family has felt incomplete. So, God has used WBCL to totally change my life and future to one of fullness of love and laughter.

WBCL Gives Me Perspective

by anonymous
I have been a telecommuter for the past six years. Though it is great to be able to work my job around my family's schedule, I can get very lonely with just my computer for company. :) God has used WBCL to encourage and cause me to examine my heart, maintain perspective, and focus on Christ. It is so important to me to connect with other believers, not just on Sunday. I praise the Lord for your ministry.

Another Disciple

by Brian
I started listening to WBCL in 2000.I had went through a divorce and became a single dad raising a thirteen month old son by myself. I was very depressed. God used WBCL to encourage and uplift me and I found myself not changing the radio station. Over the years I and my son have grown to love WBCL. WBCL has helped me grow in my faith and is always there for us. Just this last July I was faced with a decision to quit my secular job so I could attend training to be a missionary. As the time got closer for my training, I started having doubts. Once again, WBCL was there and encoraged and uplifted me. Now that my training is done and I am raising partners, I find myself being discouraged. Just last week as I was traveling to a meeting, the morning guys said something that encouraged me and has changed my outlook. Thank you WBCL for being there to help disciple me. My son and I will be listening to WBCL via the internet when we reach our field assignment in the Philippines.


by Marilyn
In April 2005, my mother had a serious surgery, but we expected the same success she had had for the same type of surgery 5 years before. It was long and risky, but the doctors thought things went well. She did not respond the way we expected. After many days a brain scan was done and it was discovered that there was bleeding. To make a long story short, my mom never spoke to us after telling us she loved us before going into surgery. We prayed much and hard and finally she entered God's presence with a peaceful sigh. Every day that I made the trip to Ft. Wayne, I heard "Blessed Be the Name." Tears would stream, I would raise my hand and give everything to God. I heard Blessed Be the Name on the the way to school today. Tears again came. I am so thankful for the WBCL station. I just don't understand how they know just what I need and when I need it!!!Praise the Lord they are on the air for us all!    

New in Christ

by Joni
My family and I started to attend a local church in our community. Its been the first time I have been in a church that felt like "home" ever in my life. I did not grow up in a Christian home. I felt God pulling me towards the church we attend now and to give of our spiritual gifts. Listening to your station helps lift me up. The stories, the people on there, the guess speakers such as today (Jan 7) are great for the spirit! Thank you!

Through the Fire

by R & S
Just a few days after we made our Sharathon pledge last January, we experienced a house fire. Everybody in our family was safe and all we lost was a bunch of ‘stuff.’ Through this whole experience, God has been faithful and blessed us in many ways. It is a joy to be able to complete our pledge for this year

The Shivers

by Ruth
It has been a LONG six weeks of recovery, and we are still in the process. Your card was one of the first to arrive. It gave me the ‘holy shivers’ when I opened it. To think that WBCL is so personally involved in people’s lives! I have listened for years, helped at a couple of Sharathons, and donated some money, but I (we) are one among many. Thank you!

God in the Car

by anonymous
When I am in the car I always have WBCL on and I am amazed at how often the topic is just what I need to hear either for myself or someone in my life. I just love those GOD moments. Thank you for being one of his tools.

Help Through the Day

by anonymous
You guys do an awesome job! Keep doing the Lord's Will. I love music and never can get enough of it. God always has a song played to help me through the day. Its always great to hear God's Word...I seem to understand it more than I read it. Thanks and God Bless

Listen on the Internet

by Ecuador
We are missionaries in Shell, Ecuador with Mission Aviation Fellowship, originally from Convoy, OH. I wanted to let you know that yesterday while sitting in a local restaurant I saw a guy wearing a WBCL t-shirt!! Obviously a workteam must've brought it down, but it was still neat to see! A great reminder of home. We listen to you everyday via the internet...what a huge blessing you have been. It's great to hear that it's snowing during the Christmas season, while we're wearing shorts!

Close Friends

by Elaine
You seem very close friends, indeed: as I have spent many hours in the car, caregiving for various family members . . . your music and biblical encouragement has been strengthening without measure. You have enabled me to keep going, to keep functioning, and to keep my focus on the ones who needed my help and on the God who gives us life in Him. Thank you.

Blessings To You All

by Jack
My name's Jack and I live in Elkhart. I stumbled across WBCL when I was traveling and have been listening for over 3 years. Here’s my story: Over three years ago I was in the street, homeless and actually praying The Lord would take me; do something. anything. I attempted suicide and landed in a local hospital there in Ft. Wayne. On my knees—literally—I begged to be forgiven of my sins. I felt the presence of The Holy Spirit come upon me. The next few days were horrible and I was desperately ill. Shortly after that experience, I was accepted at the Ft. Wayne Rescue Mission, where I heard daily the Lord’s Messages, and was guided out of my addictions and here to this small apartment in Elkhart. I may not have very much and live right to the edge every month. On behalf of all those who will not be able to give to SHARE, I offer this small token of $3.17--It literally is all I have. I listen every day... even when Satan tugs hard at my soul and the world is cruel. My God richly bless you all there and the listeners.

You are my Church!

by Debbie
I am an American living in Germany--married to a German. I have not found a church.  Since I do not speak German, it is hard for me to listen in at WBCL has become my church!  You have kept my faith strong.  You are there when I feel lost or don't understand something.  A song or message always boosts me up when I need it.  Thank you for being there for me! Wish I could give money for a pledge but we are strapped badly since I cannot work--but my prayers are with you all in getting all you need and more!  Again, thank you for being there!

He Touched Me...

by Thato
I was going through a lot in my life when I came across WBCL. There was school work, some funerals, etc. Then as I was going through my programs in my computer, I opened iTunes and that’s when I got to know of WBCL. It’s been my companion ever since.  I sleep with it; I wake with it every day. Thanks to the WBCL Team, I’m consoled by the soothing tunes you play.  My love for my Lord has grown and I'm able to perform well in every field with my confidence boosted by WBCL.

Praise You In This Storm

by Meghann
I have been listening to WBCL since I was probably 2 or 3; and every day, whether in the car or at home, my dad would listen to Jeff Carlson. I don't really remember any of his material, but I will always remember his laugh. Anyhow, almost a year ago, I lost my cousin/best friend, and it was a very hard week for me and my family. He had eaten some raw oysters maybe a month before, and they had gone bad, and the bacteria just took over. During that week, Praise You In This Storm kept playing in my head, and it really helped me get through this. My family and I are still struggling, but I always find the strength to make it through the day. Your music is so powerful, and I just want to thank you for being on the air and changing lives.

An Old Listener

by Krista
When I was a young child, my mom always had WBCL on our kitchen radio. My favorite dj was Jeff Carlson. I grew up, married, and moved out of the area. Last summer (June 2010), my minister husband was appointed to a church here in Edon, Ohio, just across the state line from Angola, IN. How wonderful it has been to listen to the station again. My kids, ages 9 and 6, only listen to WBCl. It is nice to know they can hear good music with none of the things this mom does not want them hear. I wake up to Phil (who reminds me so much of Jeff), Larry (I remember when he worked for Channel 33), & Jim, Monday-Friday. Keep up the good work, WBCL!

Cancer Story

by Shellie
I just heard the broadcast with Pastor Tom Robbins, and I had to share my story. Everything he talked about is so true. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. I didn't go into it with an open mind or an outstretched arm to God....I went kicking and screaming and asking, Why me? The really important things in life had been reaffirmed when I was diagnosed; and now I was fighting to be able to live. My condition got worse -- and when a moment came when I felt things might be coming to a close, I started to search for help. No doctor or nurse could give me the peace of mind and reassurance I begged for. I wanted to live. I was worried about my children--and in that moment I was in need! I began to talk to God, to explain what I now know He already knew. I gave everything to him in an ICU room. As I sat there talking, praying, I felt God pull me close to Him. I had peace, hope, and a feeling of being loved that I had never experienced before. From that point on, I fought hard to live.  Many things have happened since, but I have never been alone. My cancer brought me to the Savior and it brought me to the church I now belong to. I have so much now because of a moment. I tell everyone that I hate what I went through--it was hard and painful--but I wouldn't change it. The love God gives me, and what I can give others, is worth it all.


by Sherri
I’ve been listening to WBCL since 1991; and through the years, I've had the pleasure of meeting most of your staff. You are all like family and make me feel so important. I keep my radio on your station at all times; and I know that whatever time, day or night, I can tune you in and it will be a blessing to me! May God richly bless all of you!

Third Time's a Charm

by Doug
One year ago, my daughter Brittany gave birth to Lucy Platt. Four days after they came home, Brittany developed a deadly infection that colonized in her heart. One week after Lucy's birth, the docs were telling us our daughter was going to die if she didn't have surgery to replace a valve in her heart. They told us that three times.  About a month later, she had a second surgery to replace the same valve because the infection came back. Nine days after the second surgery, the doctor came in and told Brittany she was going to have a third open heart surgery, this time to replace a different valve due to leakage. The first two surgeries, she was disoriented and didn't know what was going on, but this time, she was awake and coherent. After we told her, she cried for a couple of minutes and said "Well, third time's a charm" She is the most brave person I know and only 21 yrs. old. Some of the things that will be in my memory forever: Praying to God in a quiet corner of the waiting room, giving her to God like Abraham did. (Her outlook was grave according to the doctors.) Next, I remember the thousands of people around the world who prayed for my Brittany. Next, I remember all of my family members that came to support and visit during the three months she was in the hospital. WBCL gave me hope in a hopeless situation. God's ultimate healing gave her back to us.  One year later, Brittany is alive and enjoying being a mommy. We thank God every day for healing -- and thank you for all your prayers.

Bad Day

by Linda
I had a really bad day....and didn't handle it very well. I knew that I had a lot of praying and asking for forgiveness to do. On my drive home the song "Who Am I?" by Casting Crowns came on. What a powerful song and just what I needed to hear when I was feeling bad about the terrible witness I had been and how I had fallen short of who God wants me to be. Thanks

Daddy Daughter Date Night

by Rodney
I took my daughter Krista to the Daddy Daughter date night sponcered by WBCL. This was a wonderful evening that I will always remember. God spoke thru Kristian Stanfill in a way that brought us closer to God. Thank you so much for your help in raising my daughter!

New Beginning

by John
Any time I got into my wife’s car, the radio was always tuned to WBCL. Without hesitation, I would change it to one of my favorite stations. This happened for months, until one Sunday I agreed to go to Church with her and my children. When the pastor asked if anyone would like to accept JESUS, my body filled with the most joy and calmness I have ever felt in my life and JESUS grabbed my arm and held it HIGH!! That was over 6 months ago and I still have that feeling! Your station is ALWAYS on in my truck! The best thing is, both my children--11 and 7--sing and hum right along with ole Dad! Thank you for the wonderful music you play! I listen all day at work. When I get stressed....well, the music is there to help! Thank you ever so much!!


by Mich
I heard the story behind Chris August’s song--7x70--and was quite amazed how similar it was to mine . . . except I was always bitter and unforgiving.  That song has really helped me forgive others who do wrong.  I would like to help others through music someday, too! Thanks, WBCL, for everything! :)

Robert Rogers

by Jane
I listened to WBCL this a.m. and was very touched with Robert Rogers and his story about losing his family in a flash flood. It inspired me to put God in charge, no matter the circumstances. If Mr. Rogers is able to embrace Christ during a life-changing event, God can embrace me with my everyday struggles. Thank you, Char, for interviewing such an inspirational Christian who trusted God with his life.

Teens and WBCL

by Ruth
My husband and I fostered over 160 kids the last 25 years, most of them teenagers. WBCL is the only station I would allow on my car radio. I used to love to see the attitudes of our teens change, especially the boys. I would watch in the rearview mirror and at first they would make faces, roll their eyes, or make some kind of noise. After a week or two, the attitudes were usually very different. They would sing along or I'd hear, "Oh I really like them--that's Casting Crowns, or isn't Mercy Me really good." We had so little time to make a positive Christian difference with them; and thanks to WBCL they were learning about God, scriptures, and love; and they didn't even realize it....Thank you, WBCL, for making that difference in the life of a child who needed to hear the Word so much more than most.

My mom took me in when I was only one.

by Susann
My mom took me in when I was only one.  She has would always listen to you and now that I was apart of her life I started listening to you. You are the best ever!

Randon Act of Kindness

by Kansas Family
On Wednesday March the 19th, as we were driving our minivan on a tour of Midwestern colleges and universities, we had a punctured tire which needed replacement. We stopped at the New Haven Goodyear store just before closing, and waited for our turn as a  gentleman reading a magazine was waiting too. After he left and our tire was replaced, we were stunned to know that this gentleman had taken care of the bill, $145. The gentleman did not leave his name, but after a lot of prodding, we found out that he was on the local Police force. Words cannot describe our appreciation for his random act of kindness. Having spent so much time on the road, it was a bright moment that made our day and left us in awe that the world, at least in New Haven, Indiana is still full of good people. THANK YOU and God Bless you.
Fadi, Mary, Danny and Alex. Manhattan, KS

Growing up with WBCL

by Pauline
I can remember being a Teen and my mom always listened to WBCL. My mom was a church pianist and organist for over 65 years and attended Fort Wayne Bible College and graduated with a music degree. My mom is now 85 years old and is battling Alzheimer's, so sad !!! Her piano playing continued until about a year ago she didn't know any of us but she could still play the piano and still listened to WBCL !!!

The Feelings of Friendship

by Becca
As a college student that spent three years driving back and forth, an hour each way, to school Phil, Jim, and Larry became my morning companions. When I turned on my radio one morning and Larry wasn't there and someone else was filling in my thought was "Where has my friend gone?" I was actually quite annoyed because I was not okay with him being gone! I realized that these three Christian men encouraged me on my way to a secular campus and I always found reasons to smile from these three men. I now live in Fort Wayne and still listen to WBCL any time I have to drive somewhere. I am so grateful that God has put WBCL in my life as an amazing encouragement!

Every since I was a baby I have been listening to you all

by Susann
When I was a little baby 1 years old I have been listening to WBCL now that I am 19 I am still listening to you. I have for two years now given some money to you guys the lord has provided me to give you that money

Holy Holy Holy

by Linda
My 86-yr-old dad died at our home last Thursday after several months of extreme dependency. He was able to leave a wonderful confession of faith with us.  His funeral was Saturday. The songs we used for the service were ones I had heard on bcl and knew were for him. Sunday morning I got up, thinking of him, of course, and turned on BCL, as I like to do.  The song playing when I turned it on was "Holy Holy Holy".  I ran to my Bible to be sure, but thanks for reminding me of what I know my dad is doing, singing "Worthy is the Lamb to recieve honor and praise" before the throne.  As if that weren't enough, when I came back downstairs after dressing for church, the same words were playing in a less familiar song. 

Already There

by Melody
When we learned my father had to have heart surgery I was devasted-knowing the outcome was 50/50.  Granted my father was older however I needed my dad-my kids needed my dad.  Every day I heard the song Already There by Casting Crowns.  He made it threw the surgery and recovered well had we had a very good next three months. However he suffered a stroke which eventually led to his passing.  On the way to the hospital-in which I was to spend the night with him-i heard again Already There. I had a feeling God was talking to me- early the next morning my father went home.  All night I kept hearing that song play over and over.  WBCL continued playing that song through the remainder of the tough days ahead without knowing just how they were helping me.   God uses everything and everyone in ways we don't even know.  I haven't heard that particular song as much but when I do it reminds me that God is already in my tomorrow.  Thank you WBCL for all you do!

GODS Blessings

by Patricia
During the past few months we have had an abundance of bad things happening from heart problems to kidney stones.  Some times I felt like just giving up, but i would hear something on WBCL and it brought me back to knowing GOD is always their.  Thank you WBCL!

Peace in times of Need!

by Ricky
Nearly every day, Monday thru Friday, I listen to WBCL from the listen online stream. My place of employment blocks various types of internet content such as streaming, games, media ETC... I continuously searched and WBCL, by the glory of God, was one of the few contemporary Christian radio stations that would stream through our network. I have found that surrounding myself with God is the best way to keep my relationship strong in the Lord, and WBCL is just one of many ways that I am able to do that while on the job. Listening to the music and radio hosts brings such peace to me while I am working, and knowing that God has his loving arms around me is so wonderful! We serve an Awesome God, and I am happy to know that through his Grace and Son Jesus, I am saved!

How WBCL has impacted me

by Susann
WBCL has impacted me so much. When my sister died I did not know who to turn to. I turn on WBCL and they have helped me so much.  Thank you for being uplifting to me!