Listener Stories

Life without God and Salvation

by Sadie
When I was 26 I went through a terrible divorce. I ended up living in a very wrong sinful relationship for three years. I had known God as a kid and had been saved, but I gave up on God. Well, the beautiful part about it is that God never gave up on me. I have now been married for two years to a wonderful man. I am thankful each day that God never gave up on me and helped me find my way back to Him. Now all I listen to is WBCL radio. Thank you, WBCL, for allowing me to have your music to listen to and remind me how wonderful God truly is.    

A Blessing

by Yvonne
The first thing I do every morning when I get to my office is turn WBCL on my computer. I work in a school office and sometimes when a teacher comes in and notices me listening to something on Mid Morning, they stay and listen with me; we both receive a morning blessing! I love the programs, conversations and of course, the music.

Far From Home

by Bethany
Christian radio was to my family what Cheerios was to breakfast - essential - and I was raised on both! Now as an adult and living overseas as a missionary, I can’t often buy Cheerios, but thanks to the internet, I still have Christian radio and WBCL. The scriptures talk about renewing our minds (Romans 12:2) and being made new in the attitudes of our minds (Ephesians 4:22-24). I have found that in spite of hectic and often stressful schedules, I can renew and change the attitude of my mind through the programs and music of WBCL. May His Word continue to be proclaimed!

Cherish Life!

by Lance

I have very fond memories of my childhood. Our family shared great times together, and most of all, the Lord always came first. We were very active in church. Now that I'm in my late 30's, life is still good even though I made some wrong turns along the way. I always continued to keep Christ in my life, but I wasn't always religious on making it to church on a weekly basis. This was due to laziness on my part. It was not making a positive impact on my children's lives.  I ruined my life 20 years ago after I left home. I started smoking & quickly got addicted to nicotine. I'm sure my parents probably knew about it, but I was ashamed in myself, so I never smoked around them or any of my other family members outside of my immediate home. I was ashamed because Mom had breast cancer when I was 18.This addiction has cost me precious moments with my family as a whole, as I could not be around them for extended periods of time due to cravings for nicotine. Mom was diagnosed with Leukemia in January & treatment  was going great, we thought. We were floored when they released her May 29, 2015 with 2 weeks to 6 months to live. She passed away 40 hours later. Faith, family & friends have gotten me through thus far. I now have WBCL on all the time. I am approaching 2 days without smoking. I pray that the Lord continues to ease my cravings so I can get back to making memories again with my family as a whole. May the Lord bless you like he has me!