Listener Stories

New World, Same Station

by Jami
My family and I  just recently moved to Costa Rica to study Spanish to later serve as missionaries in the Dominican Republic. We have been so thankful and encouraged to be able to continue to listen to WBCL while being thousands of miles away. Thank you, WBCL, for being our encouragement away from where we are comfortable.

A Blessing

by Yvonne
The first thing I do every morning when I get to my office is turn WBCL on my computer. I work in a school office and sometimes when a teacher comes in and notices me listening to something on Mid Morning, they stay and listen with me; we both receive a morning blessing! I love the programs, conversations and of course, the music.

God's Love

by Jeff
WBCL is very similar to God's love--It is always there, 24/7. I have been a regular listener since I became a Christian in 1981. During the past several years, I have gone through many valleys. WBCL always plays the right songs for the lowest times in my life, and the programs touch me in ways that only further deepen my faith in God. Thank you, WBCL! You are such a blessing to so many!

Humility and Forgiveness

by Tabatha
I am writing to thank you for WBCL. I am going through the darkest time in my life. I accepted Christ as my savior a long time ago but recently found myself living in ways that hurt Him. I know God can forgive, and this experience has brought about a deep humility. It is hard to admit wrongdoings, but somewhere in the big scheme of things, God has a plan - He always has. I now have to lean on Christ for all my strength and support. WBCL, I thank you for your ministry and for playing songs that uplift and send messages that encourage us to put ALL our faith in Him. God bless you and your ministry!

Remembering God's Faithfulness

by Deborah
While reading the stories that are shared, I am reminded of just how faithful God is.  My husband and I have been married for 34 years.  We went from two jobs, three cars, and homeowners to a foreclosed home, no job, and one unregistered vehicle. Retirement funds were exhausted and food was low.  Rent was overdue for 3 months, but God gave us understanding landlords who showed us mercy.  Since then, God has restored our income (one job), our rent is current and we are still married.  I will continue tithing (I had stopped).  But our God is truly faithful! Thanks WBCL for sharing these stories along with Christian music!