Listener Stories

Things will get better...

by Elizabeth
A year ago, my husband and I were happy that I was expecting a baby, even though we were struggling financially. A few months after our marriage in 2008, my husband got laid off. Life became more difficult over the months. We moved twice and just about exhausted what little money we had by the time I was 6 months pregnant. I thank God for my parents. They asked us to move in with them until we could strike out on our own again. We moved most of our belongings to storage. Despite the stress, I had a gorgeous, healthy, baby girl on September 17, a week before my expected due date. We named her Victoria Lynn. We are still struggling, but I find comfort in the Father's embrace. I can forget for a moment how scary things are when I praise God with WBCL for who He is and that He will fulfill his promises. When I look into my daughter's eyes and see her smile and coo, I am reminded that I should be just like her, thankful my basic needs are met--food, shelter, clothing, a family, and a Father Who loves me. Things will get better...

Marriage Restoration

by Chelli
A year ago at this time, my husband and I were facing divorce, something we both wanted (or so I thought). But upon our separation, it didn't take long to realize there is a very real difference between thinking you want a divorce and actually looking it square in the face. We both had let our spiritual walks fade over the year prior to this. Looking back, I can see how God tried to lead me in the right direction. I turned to God and prayed for my marriage to be restored, which He did! Thank you, God! After being separated for 4 months, there were lots things to work through and heal from. The tools to encourage us became a vital part of the healing process. God directed us to a new church, which we have been attending faithfully, and also to WBCL. I am amazed that EVERY time I get into my husband's car, he has WBCL on. God is doing a wonderful work in this marriage restoration, and the tools that we have found to strengthen us are SO important to help us get through each day. Everything on WBCL is great. The mid-morning show has provided such interesting topics that have been such a help to me. Having music throughout the day and as we go to sleep at night refresh my spirit and give me strength. I thank you so much for your ministry. It has been such a blessing in my life!

A Good Laugh

by Megan
There have been many times that WBCL has been an encouragement to my heart, whether it's something one of the DJs said or just the perfect song at the perfect time, but I praise God for a good laugh on the radio this morning!!! I woke up in a "blahhh" mood today, but on my way to work I laughed so hard I cried as Phil, Jim, and Larry sampled the bacon-flavored Jones soda. I was still smiling as I walked into work. Already this morning I've had several comments about how "cheery" I am. Thank you for the opportunity to refocus my mood before walking into my mission field!!! :)

A Time of Refreshing

by Carolyn
On Jan 17, 2007, I had colon cancer surgery. It was stage 3 and over the next 10 months I went through chemotherapy. My days were spent mostly in bed, with WBCL on the radio beside my bed. MANY times what was said or played was exactly what I needed in my spirit. I was never depressed but was always hopeful and peaceful. WBCL was a great part of that- along with prayers from my family, church family, and friends. WBCL has been with me in several family crises, as well as good times. At 73, I expect it to be with me to the end. I am cancer free and full of praise -- and your music and cheerful announcers help me to keep that peaceful, thankful spirit. Blessings on all you do.

How WBCL has impacted me

by Susann
WBCL has impacted me so much. When my sister died I did not know who to turn to. I turn on WBCL and they have helped me so much.  Thank you for being uplifting to me!