Listener Stories

Organ Donation

by Tammy
My husband is waiting for a lung transplant and has had to stop working. There is not a lot we can do because of his condition. But the one thing we completely enjoy is Christian Radio! It has become one of our greatest joys! You bring so much happiness to an otherwise stressful life! I listen every morning on my way to work and the encouragement I receive is such a blessing! My husband—who is only 50—has been told that it will probably take 2-3 years to get a set of lungs. He is doing everything he can to stay as healthy as he can. Even though we’ve gone through difficult times with transportation, his pulmonary rehab, etc., because of our faith we have the courage to continue on. God is so good! We encourage organ donation—so important! We are also so thankful for WBCL!

My Life Has Been Changed Thanks to WBCL

by Kevin
I have been listening for 15 years and hadn't felt like God was with me until today. When I got in my car, I felt God telling me to turn on WBCL so I did. A sense of peace came over me for the first time in 15 years. In the past I have been pushing away from God. I got home today and just started praying. I love JESUS! Thanks to WBCL for being there for me. I also love the morning guys--Phil, Jim, and Larry. They are the best! Thank you..

Some of God's Gifts

by Heath
I want to thank God for WBCL and all of you that spend so much of your time to do God's will. God has blessed me with 2 wonderful healthy children and a loving wife of 17 years.

Cancer Story

by Shellie
I just heard the broadcast with Pastor Tom Robbins, and I had to share my story. Everything he talked about is so true. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. I didn't go into it with an open mind or an outstretched arm to God....I went kicking and screaming and asking, Why me? The really important things in life had been reaffirmed when I was diagnosed; and now I was fighting to be able to live. My condition got worse -- and when a moment came when I felt things might be coming to a close, I started to search for help. No doctor or nurse could give me the peace of mind and reassurance I begged for. I wanted to live. I was worried about my children--and in that moment I was in need! I began to talk to God, to explain what I now know He already knew. I gave everything to him in an ICU room. As I sat there talking, praying, I felt God pull me close to Him. I had peace, hope, and a feeling of being loved that I had never experienced before. From that point on, I fought hard to live.  Many things have happened since, but I have never been alone. My cancer brought me to the Savior and it brought me to the church I now belong to. I have so much now because of a moment. I tell everyone that I hate what I went through--it was hard and painful--but I wouldn't change it. The love God gives me, and what I can give others, is worth it all.

Rest for My Soul

by Toni
I'm a survivor of a life full of trials and tribulations. WBCL comforts my soul. I love knowing as I listen to the broadcast that the music is going to continue to comfort me. I'm so thankful to know I will continue to find uplifting music and conversation through WBCL. Thank you for your continuous support. God bless your ministry!