Listener Stories

Keeping Me Strong Forever

by Walter
As I've become a wheelchair bound shut-in, I often don't see anyone for weeks at a time. WBCL IS MY REFUGE FROM THE WORLDLY. I listen 24/7. It seems that when I am in need of instruction in the Word, there you are. When I need encouragement, something comes on. You are a lifeline in a world that is dying. And on Sunday mornings, the praise and worship music helps me find a place to honor Him at home as I can no longer get out to a worship service. I consider you all friends, even though I haven`t met any of you. I don't know what I would do if you weren`t there. I love you guys in Christ!

WBCL is a Blessing In India

by Del
I have enjoyed listening to WBCL since the inception of the station on my way to work and on my way home. Often it is on during the day on weekends. My job has taken me to India for several months at a time and I really enjoy listening on the Internet. Getting the local weather, news, and then listening to the encouraging music really helps me get through the days and evenings! Thanks for making this possible!

Already There

by Melody
When we learned my father had to have heart surgery I was devastated -knowing the outcome was 50/50.  My father was older, however I needed my dad - my kids needed my dad.  Every day I heard the song Already There by Casting Crowns.  He made it through the surgery and recovered well;  we had a very good next three months. However, he suffered a stroke which eventually led to his passing.  On the way to the hospital, in which I was to spend the night with him, i heard again Already There. I had a feeling God was talking to me. Early the next morning my father went home.  All night I kept hearing that song play over and over. WBCL continued playing that song through the remainder of the tough days ahead without knowing just how they were helping me. God uses everything and everyone in ways we don't even know.  I haven't heard that particular song as much but when I do it reminds me that God is already in my tomorrow.  Thank you WBCL for all you do!

Support through Grief

by Sheryl
I lost my big brother last August after a battle with lung cancer.  I never would have anticipated the level of grief that I felt, and continue to feel, with his loss.  I found myself unable to pray - angry at a God who would take my brother after I begged and pleaded for healing.  Every morning, I would turn on WBCL, forcing myself to keep that connection and hoping it would bring healing. It's been several months now and the hurt continues but the healing has begun....thanks to WBCL and it's constant flow of songs that remind me of the goodness of God, even during the heartache.  I will always miss my brother, and I still struggle with "why," but WBCL is there for me, and it WILL be okay.  Different, but okay.