What is the Coffee Can Club?

Come on – Join the Coffee Can Club!!!

During SHARE years ago, the Coffee Can Club was born when a listener called to say he was tossing quarters into a coffee can each day to support WBCL Radio.

Every ministry needs that core of donors who keep the cash flow steady so the monthly bills can be paid.  At WBCL, this group is called our Coffee Can Club.

This is a terrific level at which to begin supporting WBCL’s ministry. For a contribution of just $20.83 a month -- a total of $250 per year – you can become a member of the Coffee Can Club just as 3,000 families did last year. 

Will you join the Coffee Can Club, knowing that you are helping us pay the routine bills – like the whopping $58,000 electric bill and how about $14,000 worth of postage stamps or a $25,000 phone bill.

Part of our strong witness in the community since 1976 is the payment of all of our bills – always on time.  And you make that possible.

Won’t you join the Coffee Can Club today with your faith promise of $250 or just $20.83 a month? You’ll find it a wise investment with huge spiritual returns!

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