Upcoming Concerts/Events 

07/22/2014Allen County Fair
07/22/2014Sanctus Real Concert
07/22/2014Ventures in Creativity
07/22/2014Fort Wayne Women's Mid-Day Connection
07/24/2014"Summer Camp for City Kids"
07/24/2014BBQ Chicken Dinner
07/24/2014Inspiration Fellowship
07/24/2014Vacation Bible School
07/25/2014"A Midnight Summer's Dream"
07/25/2014Family Camp/Camp Meeting
07/25/2014Concert for Kickoff of Safehouse Coffe House/Music Ministry
07/25/2014Jim Weber & Aracely Brock Concert
07/26/2014Scott Stapp Concert
07/26/2014"Battle of Songs" Concert
07/26/2014Blood Drive in Honor of Wyatt Schmaltz
07/26/2014Pancake and Sausage Breakfast
07/26/2014Family Day
07/26/2014The Merge for Christian Singles Luau
07/26/2014The Shannons Concert
07/27/2014Music in the Park 2014 with Johnny Diaz
07/27/2014The Old Paths Concert
07/27/2014Church in the Park
07/27/2014The Tacketts Gospel Music Center
07/27/2014Vacation Bible School
07/27/2014Vacation Bible School
07/28/2014Vacation Bible School
07/28/2014CAA Introductory Photography
07/28/2014CAA Make Your Own Movie Using Adobe Premier
07/28/2014Vacation Bible School
07/28/2014Vacation Bible School
07/30/2014"No Such Thing As A Bad Kid"
07/30/2014Party in the Parking Lot
07/31/2014Northern Gospel Singing Convention
07/31/2014Inspiration Fellowship
08/01/2014Summer Social
08/02/2014Cowboy Church
08/02/2014Ride with Faith Charity Horse Show
08/02/2014Dive 4 Life
08/02/2014Sugar Creek Church BBQ
08/02/2014Back-to-School Carnival
08/02/2014Ice Cream Social
08/02/2014Dinner and Fundraiser for Leonard Rorick
08/03/2014Ugandan Orphans Children's Choir
08/03/2014 JJ Weeks Band
08/03/2014The John Louis: Love is No Illusion Kid's Show
08/04/2014CAA Printmaking for Kids
08/04/2014Vacation Bible School
08/04/2014Vacation Bible School
08/08/2014IRCHA Jamboree
08/08/2014CAA Pop, Popcorn and Painting
08/09/2014Cross Connections C3 5K Walk/Run
08/09/2014Oakleigh's Smile Back to School Bash
08/09/2014Neighborhood BBQ
08/10/2014The BIG Give
08/11/2014Foster Parent Information Night
09/13/2014Beth Moore ‘Living Proof Live’
09/26/20142014 Fort4Fitness Fall Festival
09/27/20142014 Fort4Fitness Fall Festival
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