Upcoming Concerts/Events 
05/05/2015Big Brothers Big Sisters Gourmet Dinner
05/05/2015Taylor Chapel Preschool Registration
05/05/2015The Watoto (Children's) African Choir
05/06/2015The Watoto (Children's) African Choir
05/07/2015Bargain Bonanza Extravaganza
05/07/2015Curtains, A Musical Who-Done-It
05/07/2015Mary Poppins
05/07/2015Allen County National Day of Prayer
05/07/2015Inspiration Fellowship
05/07/2015Dekalb County National Day of Prayer
05/08/2015God's Design for Intimacy Conference
05/08/2015Bargain Bonanza Extravaganza
05/08/2015Mary Poppins
05/08/2015Curtains, A Musical Who-Done-It
05/08/2015Scarlet Raven Concert
05/09/2015Care for Life Walk and Run
05/09/2015Prayer Flight Breakfast
05/09/2015Ladies' Day Away
05/09/2015Bargain Bonanza Extravaganza
05/09/2015Mary Poppins
05/09/2015Curtains, A Musical Who-Done-It
05/09/2015Harlan Market
05/09/2015Pathfinder Financial Fitness Workshop Series
05/09/2015Jim Brady Trio Concert
05/09/2015"Run With the Knights"
05/09/2015Dupont Hospital's Infant Rememberance Service
05/09/2015Larry McKown Concert
05/10/2015Mother's Day Service
05/11/2015Community Screening of "Light Wins"
05/12/2015Adoration Chorus and Taylor University String Quartet
05/12/2015Gathering of Hope Banquet
05/13/2015Pathfinder Golf Outing
05/14/2015Lima Aglow International
05/14/2015Grieving Support Group
05/14/2015Inspiration Fellowship
05/14/2015Archbishop Jose H. Gomez Lecture
05/15/2015Act of Marriage Conference
05/15/2015The Nexus Movement
05/15/2015Bishop Luers Performing Arts Spring Concert
05/15/2015FWAHS Expo
05/15/2015Evening of Worship
05/16/2015Hunger Relief Fundraiser
05/16/2015Lapper and Survivors Day Celebration
05/16/2015Fort 4 Fitness - Spring Cycle
05/16/2015Aruna Run 5K
05/16/2015FWAHS Expo
05/16/2015Pathfinder Financial Fitness Workshop Series
05/16/2015Gospel Sing
05/17/2015Food, Faith & Fun!
05/17/2015Carman No Plan B Tour
05/17/2015St Paul's Choirs Encore Concert
05/20/2015Church Wide Rummage Sale
05/21/2015Church Wide Rummage Sale
05/22/2015Graduation Organ Recital
05/24/2015Kids Rally
05/26/2015Fort Wayne Women's Mid-Day Connection
06/04/2015David Crowder Concert
06/06/2015Van Wert Peony Festival Parade
06/06/2015New Haven Canal Days Parade
06/14/2015Taylor University Basketball Camps
06/20/2015Huntington Heritage Days Parade
06/21/2015Taylor University Basketball Camps
07/05/2015Taylor University Basketball Camps
07/11/2015Three Rivers Parade
07/12/2015Taylor University Basketball Camps
07/18/2015Polish Festival Parade
07/19/2015Taylor University Basketball Camps
07/24/2015Big Daddy Weave
07/25/2015Celine Lake Festival Parade
07/25/2015Berne Swiss Days Parade
07/26/2015Taylor University Basketball Camps
07/31/2015Women of Faith 2015 - Farewell Tour
08/01/2015Women of Faith 2015 - Farewell Tour
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