Upcoming Concerts/Events 
06/30/2015Sticker Stops: ‘Summer of Giving’ #5
07/02/2015Sticker Stops: ‘Summer of Giving’ #6
07/05/2015Taylor University Basketball Camps
07/09/2015Sticker Stops: ‘Summer of Giving’ #7
07/11/2015Three Rivers Parade
07/12/2015Taylor University Basketball Camps
07/14/2015Sticker Stops: ‘Summer of Giving’ #8
07/15/2015Tim Hawkins LIVE
07/16/2015Joni Eareckson Tada
07/17/2015Audio Adrenaline, Todd Agnew, Johnny Diaz Concert
07/18/2015Sticker Stops: ‘Summer of Giving’ #9
07/18/2015Polish Festival Parade
07/19/2015Taylor University Basketball Camps
07/21/2015Sticker Stops: ‘Summer of Giving’ #10
07/23/2015Sticker Stops: ‘Summer of Giving’ #11
07/25/2015Celina Lake Festival Parade
07/25/2015Berne Swiss Days Parade
07/26/2015Taylor University Basketball Camps
07/30/2015Sticker Stops: ‘Summer of Giving’ #12
07/31/2015Women of Faith 2015 - Farewell Tour
08/01/2015Women of Faith 2015 - Farewell Tour
08/06/2015Sticker Stops: ‘Summer of Giving’ #13
08/06/2015Global Leadership Summit
08/07/2015Global Leadership Summit
08/10/2015Matt Redman Concert - Evening of Worship
08/11/2015Sticker Stops: ‘Summer of Giving’ #14
08/13/2015Sticker Stops: ‘Summer of Giving’ #15
08/20/2015Sticker Stops: ‘Summer of Giving’ #16
08/22/2015 WAYNESTOCK: Living for the Rock
08/27/2015Sticker Stops: ‘Summer of Giving’ #17
11/05/2015Chris Tomlin Concert
12/12/2015David Phelps Christmas Concert
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