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Welcome to WBCL!   We give voice to contemporary Christian music and other programming that proclaims the saving message of the Gospel. Our fervent hope is that you and your family will find strength and inspiration here. May WBCL be a constant source of help to you in dealing with our world – and lighting it with a true reflection of God’s love.
In these Web pages, you’ll find programming details and information on various aspects of our broadcast ministry. Please explore. And if you’d like to know more about us, please don’t hesitate to contact The WBCL Radio Network.
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Flu Restrictions at Hospitals
More Indiana hospitals are being advised to put temporary visitor restrictions i...

Court Upholds Intoxication Law
The Indiana Supreme Court says it's OK for police to arrest people who get drunk...

Tax Hike on Michigan Ballot
A proposed tax hike aimed at improving Michigan's transportation infrastructure ...

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The Feelings of Friendship
by Becca
As a college student that spent three years driving back and forth, an hour each way, to school, Phil, Jim, and Larry became my morning companions. When I turned on my radio one morning and Larry wasn't there and someone else was filling in my thought was "Where has my friend gone?" I was actually q...    read more
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